Nicaragua Stamps : Gandhi Stamp - Einstein Stamp - Olympic Stamp - UNICEF Stamp ? Is it really ERROR stamp ?

Hello Gandhi Stamps Collectors,

In 1979/1980 Nicaragua issued following stamp sheet with Mahatma Gandhi & Albert Einstein stamp with Taj Mahal  in background.

Don't know why to create stamp sheet for multiple theme? But my guess is to make shortage of this sheet and make money.!!

Now even greed increase to they made ERROR!! 

This stamp sheet was withdraw by government because of error in this stamp sheet and it was withdraw from general public. One time this was rarely available but now it is available in plenty and to me it looks no buyer for this.

This kind of withdraw stamps because of misprint, error or specimen sometimes get in hand of greedy dealer/collector which will try to inflat price by not allowing in large quantity but after sometimes he/she will also get tried and start selling it.

Recently this was sold only for $7 from Lativa by seller "raimissess"

To me this stamp sheet has no value because of smaller countries like Nicaragua and other African countries outsource there stamp printing and this printer will take advantage from us  by printing wide varieties for us such as overprint, error etc and try to sell it at as rare for very high price.

This Nicaragua Einstein stamp with Taj Mahal stamp, United Nations UNICEF stamp, Olympic stamp, Physics stamps, E=mc2 stamp was sold for $1 also. Click following link to read it.


Gandhi stamps Club.

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