Hello Gandhi Collectors,

I was surprised when I saw price of 1994 India Se-tenant stamps of Mahatma Gandhi issued. It was for auction with starting price of $25.!!

Face value of this stamp is 17 Rupees which is equivalent to 30-40 cents.!!!  Do you think this stamp is valued $25 in just 19 years.!! ?

But does it makes sense for price of $25 which will make ROI of 100 times in 20 years.!!!

or this is just a high priced item waiting for some unknown to buy it.!!

Don't think after looking this pricing that stamps are for Investment or as an alternate investment, otherwise you will regret that you wrongly enter this hobby.!!

We all know how Gandhi stamps are glorified by all kinds of illegal activity by hiding real identity of seller and buyer so SHILL bidding can be done on items or not pay to seller after buying it at high price and even not paying commission by false trade etc.

This Se-Tenant stamp of Gandhi was for auction by seller "Suman_1416" with feedback of 7 and member since 2007.!

What do you think after looking # of feedback and # of years since account was opened.?

You might be thinking what to do with # of feedback or # of years on delcampe..!! That you have to think and understand !!

Recently I saw this was sold under $5 on eBay.!! even though stamp collection hobby is declining.!! This indicates that stamp value was appreciated more than 20 times.!!!

I don't think this $5 is also make sense for this kind of stamps because they are available in very large quantity.

But I think it's means a lot if you understand how Gandhi philatelic works.

Gandhi Stamps Club.

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