Mali stamps and first day cover : How to protect yourself in Philatelic collection : How to find out right price in philatelic collection.

Hello Gandhi Philatelist,

Recently I bidded on Mali Gandhi FDC and lost, because I bidded what I thought was right price.

But I was surprised when I  saw it was sold for $33.!!!

But my research indicates that this FDC are not that rare (as usual) and recently 4 FDC were sold on delcampe for $12.!! by "Sachahadrien2" from France and bought by "brownblackcherry" and "Gandhicollector".!!

Click this link to see yourself. !!  or see following screenshot.!!

Now curious about price difference (triple in 2-3 months) I decided to do some research on this  about buyer/collector, collector's other winning auction so we know what's going on.

In past I did similar kind of research and you can read it by clicking following link.'



All research is available online on eBay so you don't have to break any computer servers, or snoop any computer networks or hack anyone's computer or eBay password or don't have to do any illegal activity to find out what's happening. Everything is available on eBay and can be find out openly(public) if you do some little work, if you bid on item you can find out who is buyer.!!

Bidder p***l (3712) bidded at last second ( 6 second before auction starts.) so it might by some kind of snipping tool.!!

Now g***a(147) bidded on this auction and set it's maximum bidding price to $32.19 before 3 hours of auction ending.!!

I was winning this auction before that since last 4 days.!!

When I lost auction I always look for who is winner and do some research on him/her activity such as 

1) what else he/she is buying (collecting), # of items bidding, what other thematic collection etc.
2) from whom he/she is buying (sellers)
3) what is price range he/she buying
4) feedback of buyer and seller and compare it.!!

What I found out that buyer of Mali Gandhi FDC is eBay member since 1998 "POLLAM" from Singapore.!!

Which reminds me that I had lost eBay auction to him several times.!! but I got second offer on it.!! But as usual I refuse it because I don't beleive in 2nd offer.!!

Now I did some more research on POLLAM and find out that in last 30 days there were total 170 auction won by him on wide variety of stamps and philatelic material even though stamps collection hobby is declining, so not sure what he/she is trying to do.!!

Not sure he is collector or dealer or other.!!! who bought from some famous seller such as "alphaomegaphilately" , "ashokmehta1955", "gorfa" , "london-stamps", "mareval2" , "posthost" and others.!!

Following are details (click to see enlarged copy to read it) if you want to see what else this buyer is buying and from whom and for what price.!!

You can do this for any buyer and find out before you make your conclusion about fair price for any of your collection.!!

Now as per following quotes of some famous people, it's upto you to THINK, UNDERSTAND and DO BETTER.!!

“I cannot teach anybody anything. I can only make them think” ― Socrates

“Any fool can know. The point is to understand.” ― Albert Einstein

“When you know better you do better.” ― Maya Angelou

So what do you think  about this auction and buyer's activity.!! Do you think this is correct price or any cheating is involved in this deal such as

1) Shill biddding (i.e. bidding with other id or friend helping to increase price)
2) Buyer not paying to seller
3) This is the right price of the item?

Gandhi stamps club.

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