Don't your feelings hurts when forgery or Bogus Gandhi stamps is sold ?

Hello Gandhi Stamps Collectors,

You take lot of pride to collect and exhibit your collection and proudly give speeches about Gandhi stamps and philatelic collection, but  "Don't your feeling hurts when Forgery is selling in your beloved hobby of stamp collection of Mahatma Gandhi ?"

Recently I saw 1948 Gandhi overprint stamp with SERVICE was sold for $535.!! 

As you all know that there is nothing but Forgery available in this Gandhi SERVICE stamp. Even sometimes you will see expert certification are forged or reused expert certification for this stamps.!!! 

Please read following blog posts to understand current post so you get better understanding of overall picture of Gandhi SERVICE stamp.!!

Also all experienced Gandhi stamp collectors or those who have studied my blog perfectly will not even touch this stamp.!!

Then why it's selling for $535? Who is buying it or bidding on this stamps ?

Again why it's selling for $535.!! ?

As we all know that there is nothing but glorification of not only 1948 Gandhi stamps from India but all Gandhi stamps by 

  • SHILL Bidding (using other id to bid on own items) to increase price
  • Help from friends to increase price.!!
  • Not paying seller in order to glorify the Gandhi Stamps.!!
  • DIY (Do It Yourself) philatelic material for unique and rare items(Bogus).!!
Now let's see what is this transaction ?

Seller : ma-collectorshop
Buyer : d***a(4)
looser of auction : p***e(1239)
2nd looser of auction : h***t (1904)
3rd looser of auction : n***a (89)

If you see and do little research how price was increased from 99 cents to $500 it's only between to bidders.

So what do you think.? Is there a chance of SHILL Bidding or help from friend or Bogus bidder.!!? 

Also you might see this bidders all the time.!! Very famous collectors/dealers for famous people.!!

Do you think eBay commission was paid for this transaction on $535.!!? (Disclosure : Currently I own eBay shares/stocks)


Now let's see who is the seller ma-collectorshop.

"ma-collectorshop" is one of the biggest seller of facsimile or copy or replica stamps. He/She don't only sell's Gandhi stamps but all kinds of stamps from British India King George, King Edward, Queen Victoria and others.

You can read about facsimile or copy stamps from "ma-collectorshop" by clicking following link or you can see in my following screenshot.

But he also seller of facsimile, Replica or copy of the most expensive Gandhi stamps.!! 1948 India Gandhi 10 Rupees SERVICE. You can read more about this at following link or screenshot. If original than it will be million dollar stamp as it's impossible to find used one, but he is selling for $7.!!

Compare 3.5 Anna stamp with 10 Rupees stamp and you will get idea what is this.!!

Now after reading both blog post what do you think ?

1) Is stamp Genuine.?

2) Is overprint SERVICE Genuine?

3) Is Governor General cancellation (rubber stamp) is Genuine ?

4)  Do you think Shill bidding happen or help from friend ?

5) Do you think it's a REPLICA stamp?

So now my question is "Don't your feeling hurts when you see above kind of activity in  your beloved hobby?"

If your feelings hurts then what ?

Gandhi Stamps Club.

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