What are chances of Forgery stamps selling as USED stamp.!!

Hello Gandhi Philatelist,

We all know how Gandhi stamps are glorified by exhibiting some unique ideas by making some rare philatelic material such as 

1) Overprint SPECIMEN stamps
2) 1930 Round table conference cancellations
3) First day cancellation from Nepal Embassy cancellation on 1948 Gandhi stamps
4) Gandhinagar Jaipur cancellation on 1948 Gandhi stamps
5) 1949 "sab ko samati de bhagvan" rubber stamp 
6) Of course Gandhi SERVICE stamps with Governor cancellation.
7) List can go on.....................

Don't you think that we can also add  1948 Gandhi stamps with punch hole.?

Don't know why we only see 10 Rupees Gandhi stamp with PUNCH hole ? Why you don't see other stamps from India used on passport or other forms ? 

Then what is all about this stamps in various Philatelic books, magazine, year books, online exhibit, stamps forums, stamps boards, blog etc mentioning about this punch hole stamps.!!??

Recently I saw 1948 Gandhi stamp with punch hole and cancellation of 2 Nov 1948 on piece of paper sold for $46 with 14 bids on auction from seller "ma-collectorshop" from Lativa.

As you know that this seller sells Replica stamps of some expensive stamps at very reasonable price with FORGED rubber stamp of Governor General rubber stamps.

 You can read about facsimile or copy stamps from "ma-collectorshop" by clicking following link or you can see in my following screenshot.

So what are chances of using replica stamp and forged rubber stamp on piece of paper.!!

Also in April 2013 similar stamp with punch hole was sold only for $7 by eBay seller "stamp_bay" with 10 bids on this auction.!!

Can't believe it that 1948 used Gandhi stamps for $7 on piece of paper with cancellation.!!

Not sure what's going in Gandhi Philately.!! 

This will be more rare and unique USED 1948 Gandhi stamp and it's selling for $7.!! 

It makes you think what is the REAL price of this stamp.? Why I am not able to get at this price ? Whether it makes to collect this kind of stamps ?

I don't understand why philatelist will cut such as unique, rare material instead of keeping whole paper!! 

Do you think they want to hide something which we don't know.!! ?

We all know about "1948 Gandhi SERVICE stamp on piece of paper".!!

If you don't know then read my previous blog post and think what are chances of this is similar catageory.!!


Now you need to decide what are chances of using REPLICA and punch/cutting hole in stamp.!!


When ever I see stamp on piece of paper I am little bit more worried because it does not make sense as collectors are not that dumb.!!  It should be either on full envelope or paper or it's should be taken out from the paper by putting in water.!!!

I had seen this kind of philatelic material  in large quantity for 1911 First Aerial Mail from Allahabad, Gandhi SERVICE stamp and 10 Rupees Gandhi stamp with punch hole from India.

When it's expensive philatelic material you need to be worried because that's when FORGERY and BOGUS things happen.!!

Do you think it's worth to collect some unique stamps or rare stamps  were all kinds of think as possible.!!

Gandhi Stamps Club.

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  1. Hi , thanks for your blog, I am the winner of punch hole Gandhi Stamp April(6.51$)I don't know this real or fake, even I don't have a 1948 Rs10 Stamp. But I can't understand why this people making money using in Gandhi.....



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