Imperf stamps : Are they Genuine or just Forgery ? Why Imperf stamps are needed? To make forgery easier.!!

 Hello Gandhi stamp collectors,

There are different types of stamps such as perf, imperf, specimen, overprint etc. But I still don't get it why IMPERF stamp is required.

There are more chances of FORGERY because it's very easy to use photocopy (Xerox) to make this kind of stamps. Also it's very hard to know whether it was originally created as IMPERF stamps or it was a BOGUS (never exist) creation!!

Do this IMPERF stamp of Gandhi was available to general public ? I don't think so.!!

If it is not available to public then I don't think it needs to be consider as artwork or painting but not as a stamp other wise any piece of paper will consider as stamp.!!

Recently I saw Gandhi IMPERF stamp from India selling for $115!! It's original or face value is just 60 paise each (1 Rupee twenty paisa for two stamps).

Now think return on investment as it's even very hard to count.!! But it's more than 50000+% (more than fifty thousand percent) because it only cost  2 US cents ($ 0.02) and seller "Rogerpo99" is asking for $115.!!

Don't you think it's tempting to make this kind of IMPERF stamp.!!

With all this latest printing technology it's very easy to print as you don't need to high security printers.!! If there are forged perf stamps of Gandhi, King George, King Edward etc than anyone can make IMPERF stamps.!!!

So what do you think ? Is it Forgery or Genuine or Bogus.!! ?

Think before you start collecting using reference of false, incorrect or bogus information from philatelic handbook or online exhibit or philatelic blog(including mine) or collector or dealer or reading articles as none of them will provide you correct information , as everyone is trying to glorifying Gandhi stamps and keep reality with themselves.!!

So beware of all Gandhi imperf stamps from Togo, Cameroun, Mali, Germany, Hungary, Grenada and all others.!!

Gandhi Stamps Club.

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