Dove stamps - Somalia stamps : How to buy and sell stamps ?

Hello Gandhi stamps collectors,

Recently I saw 1969 Somalia stamps of Gandhi with dove and I was surprised by stamp price. This 3 stamps has starting auction price of $40 and $36!!!

To me it's nothing but GLORIFICATION of Gandhi stamps with high praise by online exhibit, philatelic magazine, philatelic blogs, stamps forum, stamp boards etc.

One of the famous quotes of Mahatma Gandhi will make you understand why you should not buy this kinds of stamps.!!

“The world has enough for everyone's need, but not enough for everyone's greed.”

In past this Dove stamps with Gandhi stamps were sold in very large quantity (30) at $5, but still it does not deserve that value because who in the world is going to buy that 30 set, because there are very few new collector starts collecting Gandhi stamps and even if they then they quit as soon as they realize that they are cheated either by forgery stamps or they paid high price.!!

Want to read more about Somalia Gandhi stamps in huge quantity then click following link. ( or see just following screenshot)

So beware when you enter in Gandhi stamp collection, because everything in this hobby is either FAKE or FORGED or GLORIFIED.!!

I am not sure how a seller can start selling at this price.!! But guess it's seller choice to sell it whatever price he thinks.!!

According to me this price should not be more than $2 or $3.!! If you buy it higher than this price than chances are either you will quit stamp collection in future or regret whole your life.!! (Like me and thus I am trying to protect other new collectors by writing TRUTH about Gandhi Stamps.)

On May 15 2013, this set of stamp was sold to delcampe buyer "Brownblackcherry" for $1.57.!!

So why $40 & $36!! Because they are looking for unknown to jump in to this and think this is very important, unique, rare stamps.!!

Look following screenshot and make note about seller who are selling at very high price and you know what to do.!!

So now it's upto you to decide what to do with Somalia Gandhi stamps as well as other Gandhi stamps.

Still cannot decide then look at the following screenshot of sold dove stamps from Somalia and you will understand difference between REAL & FAKE price.!!

Also there are large quantity of FDC with Gandhi stamps from Somalia were sold so beware about pricing for those.  (Let the seller collect and store for you.!!)


Now you need to decide following

1) Want to start collecting Gandhi stamps ?
2) If yes then at what price ?
3) Is it worth my time ?
4) Do think it will appreciate in future ?
5) Want to go through all hassle about storing or worring about fire or theft.!! It's a piece of paper.!!

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