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Hello Stamp Collectors,

While researching on Forged & Bogus (never exist) overprint stamps of Gandhi I found lot of similarities 
between other overprint stamps as well.!!

There are lot of similarities between Gandhi stamps and King George stamps we can see on FORGED  Mint, USED and even Overprint stamps as well as lot of similarities on bidding process to increase price by SHILL Bidding on British India  King George stamps (KGV stamps), King Edward stamps  and Queen Victoria stamps.

So what are chances of above stamp as Replica or Facsimile or copy stamps used forged overprint stamps?

Chances are very high because it's very easy to make not only rubber stamp of PIES but also stamp.!!

Check following screenshot with inverted overprint on Gandhi stamp as well as King George stamps with SERVICE and you decide what are chances of above stamp as forged.!!


We all know that OVERPRINT stamps are nothing but a creative idea of collectors to make money out regular stamps by creating wide varieties and unique stamps which we saw in 1948 Gandhi stamps from India, 1969 Cameroun stamps with overprint of Moon Landing, SPECIMEN stamps or any other overprint stamps of King George or British India stamps.

Recently I saw eBay seller "mareval2" selling India KGV King George stamps issued in 1921 with overprint of "PIES" which is an error.!! 

In past "mareval2" has sold some of the 1948 Gandhi stamps also and you can read more about it at following link.

Do you think this is really an ERROR stamps ? 

I don't think so because there is something like proof reading.!! You don't miss this kind of big things and make it as an error stamps.!!

Then what is this King George stamps?


I think one of them.!! (my personal opinion as I am not expert)

Now let's see the seller and  bidders.!! My favorite things to do in any research of stamps.!!

Total 3 bidders and 4 bids.!! You will see this bidders in GANDHI stamps bidding.!!  

Not sure why there are even 3 bidders for this kind of stamps and you all know who they are and why they are bidding on it.!!

Also look at the pricing. It is sold 5 times less than catalog value.!!

Read my other blog posts and you will find something interesting about overprint stamps as well as eBay sellers and bidders.


Now think what are chances in GANDHI overprint stamps.!! Specially with all SERVICE, SPECIMEN, Apollo Moon Landing etc from India, Cameroun, Cyprus etc.

Gandhi Stamps Club.

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