KGV King George stamps and Gandhi Philatelic collection : Is it a Joke.!!?

Hello Gandhi Philatelist,

I am not sure sometimes 1948 Gandhi philatelic material sells at very high price and sometimes there are no buyer.!!

So I am not sure is someone is playing a game and making a joke of us.!!

Recently I saw very low price for 1948 Gandhi philatelic material from "mintblock" with various unique combination on used covers with Emblem of India &  King George stamps from British India.

Not sure why ? whether it's a Forgery philatelic material or collectors are loosing interest.!!

Don't you think it's easy to make RUBBER stamp and apply to some mint stamps or even forged stamps and make money.!!!

We had seen lot of forgery not only  1948 Gandhi Philatelic material but all kinds of stamps and special cancellation around the world to make a killer money.!!!

Read following blog post to understand more about this kind of activity and see who are the buyers, sellers and other bidders and you will more smarter.!!

11) I can keep going.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Does it make sense to collect and display in exhibit ?

Gandhi Stamps Club.

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