How to tell if 1948 Gandhi stamp is fake or real !!

Hello Gandhi stamp collectors,

Today I completed one year of solo blogging about Gandhi Stamps and Philatelic material.!! Thanks everyone for your supporting by giving suggestions, reading this blog, writing comments & emails etc.

In past I used to write blog about my  ideas and views on Gandhi stamps and philatelic material by writing blog post at gandhiphilately.blogspot.com for almost 3 years, but I have to start my own a year ago and got 48000+ page views in a year.!!

You can still read some of my blog posts by clicking above link until 2012.!!.

I always get question about "How to tell 1948 Gandhi stamp is Fake" or "How to tell 1948 Gandhi stamp is Real" ?

Read my previous blog spot if you are really interested and decide yourself whether you really want to collect 1948 Gandhi stamps ?


You are on your own in this collection  to find out all information because you will get false advice or information about philately as lot of people are involved  in Forgery and trying to make money.!!

Following is one of the example of 1948 Gandhi stamps. You need to find out which is one is real and which one is fake.

I know it's hard because someone can use original stamps and send you FAKE one and you will not even notice.!!!

But main thing is not to find out stamp is real or fake, but also to find out
  • whether seller is fake or real
  • whether buyer is fake or real
  • whether comment or feedback is fake or real.!!
  • whether selling price is real or fake
  • whether collectors name is real person or fake.!!
  • whether email correspondence is with real or fake person.!!
So it's not only to look for FAKE or REAL stamps but you need to know in depth about everything.!!

According to me there are very little quantity available which are genuine but other then that all are FAKE because in last 60+ years  printing technology is so superior compare to 1948 that it's very hard to find difference!! Also it's very hard to get genuine stamps because noone knows what is genuine as everyone is seeing FAKE or FORGERY.!!

Majority of forgery happens in 10 Rupees stamps as it is highly glorified by increasing price through SHILL Bidding, Not paying to buyers etc.

Now think what if you by used stamp and you get one of the above with fake rubber stamps.!!!

Read following blog post to understand more about this kind of activity and see who are the buyers, sellers and other bidders and you will more smarter.!!

11) I can keep going.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Philately is hobby of smart people and I think some times smart people also get cheated but when they know they will make sure no ones else get cheated and stop this kind of activity, instead of joining with Cheaters.!!

Now smart people understand where to invest.!! So it's up to you what you want to buy 1948 stamps or stocks of some company or gold or real estate.!! Any way stamp collection hobby is declining.!!

Gandhi Stamps Club.

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