Senegal Gandhi stamp FDC : Stamp for Investment ?

Hello Gandhi Philatelist,

There is a great push to glorify Gandhi stamps and philatelic material so new collectors will consider as a INVESTMENT, but that's not true at all.

Then what all this philatelic magazine, handbook, blogs, stamps forum, stamp boards and even some financial analyst or investment banker  are writing about GANDHI stamp as INVESTMENT as lot of INDIAN and CHINESE have spare money to invest?

But I don't think it will appreciate because stamp collection hobby is decline more than ever and I think it will not even exist the way all other games or hobby is disappearing with the time.!!

Not only that stamp collection is nothing but Cheating by sending facsimile or reprint , Forgery stamps and philatelic material with home made rubber stamps, Shill bidding to increase price so it looks like appreciating or to make huge profit or looks like it's genuine.

Senegal issued Mahatma Gandhi stamp and Mahatma Gandhi stamp FDC in 1969. Now even after 43+ years it is selling for $9.!!

Following is screenshot from delcampe.net were Senegal Gandhi stamp FDC was bought by "brownblackcherry" for $9.!!

There were 4 bidders bidded on it and it only sold for $9!! 

None of them wants to pay more and get this Senegal Gandhi Stamp FDC for Investment in stamps!!

So this proves that Gandhi stamps are not appreciating at all.

Do you think Gandhi stamp is for INVESTMENT ?

I don't think so.!!

Do you think all this INVESTMENT talk is  just a way to glorified.?

I think so.!!!

Want to INVEST in Gandhi stamps ? 

It's your money.!! I can't advice you.!! You have to decide.!!

Gandhi Stamps Club.

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