Cyprus stamps FDC : How you will get cheated.!!

Hello Gandhi Philatelist,

After looking following screenshot does it make sense to collect stamps anymore ?

After 43+ years Gandhi FDC were sold only for $2 to "brownblackcherry"!!!!

There is large quantity of all Gandhi material available in the world and Stamp collection hobby is in  decline more than anything in the world because no new collectors are coming in to this hobby and for new generation kids it's boring.!!

So make sure what you are collecting and what price, otherwise you will regret it.

Look at the following screenshot and you will be surprised how many FDC's are still available. But amazing thing is PRICING.!!

It's selling for $22 by seller "Phil4u".!! 

It's selling for $10 and that also 3 quantity by seller "Kamalthematic" from India.

It's selling for $7 from seller "Nino" from NJ, USA.

So don't you think if you buy at this price you will REGRET.

To me it looks like there is lot of fraud going in online auction because you can open multiple account from different countries and start selling with wide difference in price.

Also SHILL bidding is common practice. You will never buy anything without shill bidding.!!

To me it's look a big SCAM or GAME were small # of collectors/dealers are trying to jack up the price after buying it at low price and than waiting for some new collector to jump in their trap.!!


Gandhi stamps club.

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