Einstein stamps Churchill stamps : Stamp collection in decline.!!

Hello stamp collectors,

As we all know that stamp price is declining more than ever because there is no interest in collecting stamps by new generation as there is lot of other things to do such as video games, facebook, online games etc.

In past I wrote about this "A Hobby in Decline". Please read so you get some idea what's going on.

Also more and more collectors are burned by all kinds of Forgery, BOGUS and Shill bidding so they are also not interested to collect or trying to get rid of their collection by even involving in to some illegal practice such as shill bidding.!!!

Following is the one example in which 4 sheets of world famous people like Mahatma Gandhi stamp, Winston Churchill stamp, Albert Einstein stamp and Shakespeare stamps.

This 4 sheets were sold for $9.!! Yes $9 after 15 years.!!

Original price of this sheet were 7.68 UK pound in 1998, which was $12.60 ( 1 dollar = 1.64 pounds).

So after 15 years it's selling under original face value by 30%.!!

So what about all this catalog values.!! Does it makes sense to even look at the price mentioned in that.!!

To me it's selling 400% less than SCV  ($33).!!

Churchill stamps   "The price of greatness is responsibility"

Shakespeare stamps "Love comforts like sunshine after rain"

Einstein stamps  "Imagination is more important than knowledge"

Gandhi "Hate the sin, love the sinner".

There were only 2 bidders for this stamps.!! even though stamps were in auction which indicates that there is no interest at all.!!

But you might see some seller selling this stamps for enormous price.!!

Following is one of the example were seller "kamalmedicine" is trying to sell just one set of stamps for $16.50.!!! which will be $100 for just 6 stamp set and that's not even in a sheet.!!

Now it's up to you to decide whether you want to start collecting stamps if you are new collector or whether you are like me then you need to decide whether I should continue or quit ?

Gandhi Stamps Club.

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