Gibraltar FDC : Europa Writing Letters Series stamps, Famous People stamps, Mahatma Gandhi stamps, Kennedy stamps, Churchill stamps

Hello Philatelist,

Recently I saw Gibraltar 2008 FDC with Mahatma Gandhi stamps, Kennedy Stamp, Churchill stamp and William Shakespeare stamps which was selling for $32.!!!

I think it's completely ripoff price as it don't justify such a high premium.!!

The Europa 2008 theme of ‘Writing letters’ inspired us to feature historical figures and how significant their letters were... BUT NOT ANY MORE.!!

So beware what you are collecting.!!! Stamp hobby is not any more king of Hobby.!!

This FDC is available only for $4 from Gibralatar.!! even after 15 years.!! Click following link to see.!!


Don't you think if you buy $32 then you will regret whole your life becuase it's not value that much but it's artificially inflated.!!!

Stamp collection is decline world wide so I think it will be harder in future to even sustain this value.

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Now does it make sense to collect stamps ?

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Gandhi stamps club.

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