Commonwealth Day stamps - Colonial stamps

In 1983 United Kingdom issued Commonwealth stamp Colonial stamps to celebrate Commonwealth Day. All British Colonial countries  issued stamp

Four stamps were issued with 4 different special cancellation and one of the special cancellation  was dedicated to honor Mahatma Gandhi.

Four stamps were

Atlantic Salmon, 15 1/2p  
Northern Pike, 19 1/2p 
Brown Trout, 26p 
Eurasion Perch, 29p 

But what surprise me that FDC with all 4 stamps are selling below 90 pence.!!

Recently Commonwealth Day stamps - Colonial stamps FDC with all four stamps were sold for 0.25 GBP.!! 

Loss of 300% in 31 years.!! So after 31 years it's value is not appreciating at all.!!

Do you think you still want to collect stamps.!!

Even Presentation Pack Commonwealth Day is not selling for more than one GBP.!!

Even Gandhi special cancellation is not helping.!!!

On Jan 13 it GB stamps first day cover 1983 commonwealth Gandhi collection was sold for 1.74 GBP.!!

Reason for this low price is that no one collects stamps.!!

But also lot of FORGERY and SHILL bidding which is killing this hobby.!!

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Now does it make sense to collect stamps ?

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Straits Settlements stamps B/172 India stamps - Do you really think it's worth $34,500.!!?

So now what do you think HOW LOW IT WILL GO for Commonwealth Day stamps - Colonial stamps?

Looks like price is declining  for Commonwealth Day stamps - Colonial stamps FDc compare to 2013.!! Check out my previous blog post.

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