Censored marking mail Cover - FAKE

Recently I saw 1930 Straits Settlement Registered & Censored Cover to India.

As per seller Censored marking is FAKE.!! 

Of course Censored marking is rubber stamp so anyone can make it and apply it. This is common practice  for all philatelic material as it is very hard to find GENUINE specially with censor marking.!!

Now don't you think whether postmark from Straits Settlement are also FAKE same way like we saw in  in 1911 ALLAHABAD post office postmark with FORGERY special cancellation.


It's also rubber stamp like censored marking mail Cover.!! When you see something FAKE or forged that means everything on it forged because it does not make sense.

Chances of FAKE are very high because look at the clear cancellation with all circular border and date is visible very clearly after 83+ years.!!

Also in past we had seen lot of Straits Settlement rubber stamp applied on British India stamps so don't you think everything on this cover is FAKE including
  • Register label 28796
  • Malaca postmark
  • Malaca address rubber stamp
  • Karakudi postmark
  • Passed for Transmission.

Now let's see FAKE or Bogus rubber stamps used in Gandhi stamp collection as well as Queen Victoria cover  4 annas stamp.

Following blog post will explain you that indeed that Indian Stamps and Philately (British India and 1948 Gandhi Stamps) needs to be examined before you even think about buying it.

Forgery in Indian Philately as well as 1854 Queen Victoria stamps.
Beware of First Aerial Mail.
King Edward stamp and Gandhi Stamps.!!
Gandhi Stamps and Independence of India. (shameless act !!)
A Hobby in Decline.!!

Recently I saw 2 auction of forged cancellation of East India stamp and Queen Victoria stamps were selling with forged cancellation. (Of course seller mentioned this are FAKE or Forged philatelic material otherwise I will not know.!!, also it's selling at very minimum price. I saw Gandhi forged stamps sold for $1000!! which was also FAKE(shill bidding).!!)

This are Forged cancellation on East India Company stamp from Penang Octagonal cancellation and Sungei Ujong Chop cancellation.!!! on Queen Victoria stamps, King George V stamps.!!

Even forgery are selling at high price. !! Easy way to make money by selling item as forgery.!!

So don't you see similarity with Gandhi Philately material.!! Following cancellation  are some of the  FAKE or FORGED special cancellation, postmark cancellation or local post office cancellation. It's just a RUBBER STAMP which my kids use to play to make art work.!! such as butterflies, rainbow, animals, etc.!!

Read my blog post about following FAKE AND FORGED Gandhi stamps and philatelic cancellation.

Let me make sure that I am not telling that this is forged stamps. I am just comparing with other stamps and letting you know possibilities so you can think before you buy it, as you have to pay money. (not me!!). I am just happy if my eBay stock goes up.!!

Following are some of the FORGERY cover from Burma, Tibet and USA currently available on eBay so compare with it and decide what is this India Victoria cover 4 annas stamp.

So now after reading this blog post as well as other links what do you think about following 

Don't you think this Censored marking mail Cover is completely FAKE ?

It's up to you to do research or think as you have to pay money.!!

Gandhi stamps club.

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