Stamp Collection for sale.

Do you think following stamp collection is for sale by some Royal family of Britain or some royal family of India is selling it?

Why I am asking or questioning this, because to invest 40 Rupees in 1948 was lot of money.!!

Because forty rupees were lot of money in 1948 and it does not make sense for some one regular collector to invest in that much money and will sell it on eBay.!!

Only Royal family or if you are one of the rich person than only you will have this kind of block of 4 stamps.

Following block of four 1948 India Mahatma Gandhi stamps collection for sale from eBay seller "straits_collection" from Singapore.!!

Also in past this seller was selling some questionable 1948 India Gandhi FDC from Pondicherry French India  which I think it's nothing but FAKE or Bogus.!!


If you see block of 10 Rupees Gandhi Stamp don't have borders ? Why.!!

We know there are more forgeries available in 10 rupees Gandhi stamp than genuine stamps.

So when you see block of four than chance are 100% forgery.!! unless stamp collection for sale is by some Royal family, but they don't deal with internet auction and they don't even sale it as they will donate it to some museum.

Unless it is stolen from museum than you can see it for sale, but it's very rare as very very few Royal family collect stamps during that time.!!

Read my previous blog post about

1948 Gandhi stamps - FAKE, Facsimile and Forgery.

Following is forgery of India 1948 Gandhi complete set of four.!! Which was for sale for $90.!!

$90 is lot of money for this kind of printed paper, but it's a nice way to make money.

But if you want to make more money than you can start selling above forgery as genuine and make lot of money.!!

You can find buyer  than you can make $5350 by just selling above stamp which will cost you $90.!!!

Now after looking at the 3 offers do you think collectors are interested to buy it?

Are this genuine offers or just to make fake offers so some new collectors will think that there is still interest in stamp collection even though stamp collection is declining.!!

I don't think so as this kind of offer are genuine offer by collector but it can also be done by SHILL bidding?

This is not only in 1948 Gandhi stamp collection for sale, but in any British India stamp collection for sale were initial face value of stamps was more than 10 Rupees are forgery specially in King Geroge stamps, King Edward stamps and Queen Victoria stamps.



Do you think someone has 40 Rupees in 1902 or 25 Rupees in 1940.!! Chances are 99% you will get forgery of following stamps.!!


It does not make sense for someone to invest 25 rupees in 1902.!!! Also there are more than 30 stamps of King Edward were for sale from different seller in last 2+ years.!!

So to me it's nothing but FAKE, FACSIMILE or FORGERY stamp collection for sale.!!

After comparing all of the above blog posts and screenshots what  do you think about this "stamp collection for sale"?

Genuine or forgery?

Gandhi Stamps Club.

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