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Following are different ways to make money by selling stamps on Internet.

1) Make money by selling SPECIMEN postcard 
2) Make money by making RUBBER stamp
3) Make money by selling TRIAL PROOF waste by stealing it or by art using Photoshop.
4) Make money by selling FORGERY stamps
5) Make money by selling FORGED special cancellation from different cities.
6) Make money by selling FORGERY stamps as GENUINE.
7) Make money by selling BOGUS - never exist special cancellation
8) Make money by selling LABELS - forgery or bogus
9) Make money by selling FAKE or BOGUS First Flight Cover FFC
10 ) Make money by OVERPRINTING stamps.!!

Look at the following two specimen stamp from Montserrat and decide which one is Genuine and which one is FORGERY.

Montserrat  SPECIMEN (Muster stamp) on One stamp is printed with black ink and other is with silver ink.!!

Do you think they are also doing SPECIMEN of SPECIMEN stamp or Muster stamp (in German).!! in which they are checking which color will look good.!!

My personal opinion is both are forgery!!

Don't you think it's easy to make OVERPRINT stamps and make money.

If you sell regular stamp without any OVERPRINT  such as SPECIMEN or SERVICE or STATE NAME then it will have no buyer or you have to sell it at 1/10 or 1/20 price of OVERPRINT stamp.

Just buy stamp and use your printer to OVERPRINT SPECIMEN on it and SPECIMEN stamp is ready. Do It Yourself (DIY).

There are no buyer of  following Montserrat stamp of famous people for $5, so buy it and overprint with SPECIMEN and you can make $70 or $150.!!

My opinion is same way like other Expertising person or committee or society take responsibility of their opinion.!!

So if you buy it even with Expertising certificate, you are not sure whether it's GENUINE. !! and you can loose your money because no liability.!!

Gandhi Stamps Club.

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