Stamps Collection : A DYING HOBBY ?

Recently I read about  stamp collection "A Paying Hobby", where there is all kind of praise about Gandhi stamps and investment in stamps.!!

As per article 1948 India Gandhi stamp valued 10 Rupees is paying 30000 Rupees, but as per my research it shows it's current value is 7500 Rupees.!! Click following link to see the current price of 10 Rupees India Gandhi stamps.


I am not sure whether 7500 Rupees is also genuine price because chances of SHILL bidding and non paying is very high.!! So Beware what you listen or read or see is not actual price but "False hope of Riches.!!"

Yes stamp collection is  FALSE hope of Riches !!

If you ask me how much I will pay for 10 Rupees Gandhi stamp MNH, I will say about $40-50 or might be less as there are lot of stamps printed and there are not that many Gandhi stamps collectors.!!

But I will never buy it because chance of getting FORGERY is very high.!! I can live without it.!!

Do you know why stamp collection is  dying ?

1) Forgery stamps and rubber stamps is killing this hobby.
2) SHILL bidding is main killer.
3) False hopes of Riches by artificial inflated prices.
4) Incorrect Glorification of Gandhi stamps by displaying in stamp exhibition or online exhibition, Gandhi Handbook, philatelic blogs, philatelic website, stamps boards, newspapers, finiacial analyst or advisor etc.
5) Even forgery material are in philatelic museum in order to glorify.
6) BOGUS (never exist) postmark rubber stamp are in award winning exhibit.!!

Following past blog posts will help you to decide whether it's "A Paying or Dying Hobby".

A Hobby in Decline.

Gandhi Memorial Stamp folder : A Hobby in Decline. - Part II

Einstein stamps Churchill stamps : Stamp collection in decline.!!

India 1969 Gandhi Birth Centenary issue FDC - Is stamp collection hobby is on decline.?

After looking following two recent screenshot if some one can justify me that it's indeed Paying hobby, I will be really exictied.!!

Alsoi it will explain you that it's Dying Hobby because it does not pay or appreciate anything even after 44+ years.!!

Somalia 1969 Gandhi FDC with 3 stamps was sold for $4
Gabon 1969 Gandhi FDC with Martin Luther King stamp was sold for $5.

Also looks like there is not much interest in it as only one bidder bidding on it.!!

Even 1969 India Gandhi FDC with 4 stamps was sold for 39 cents which is equivalent to 24 Rupees in today's value.!! ( 60 rupees = 1$)

If you invested 7 Rupees in 1969 you will get 24 Rupees in 2013.!! And if dollar rates goes down you will be screwed.!!

In 1969  money conversion from dollar to rupees was 1 $ = 7 Rupees.

So if you invest 1 $ in 1969 Gandhi stamps FDC with 4 stamps then in 2011 you will get 0.40 cents.!!!

A loss of 60 cents.!!!

Can you explain yourself that where is the PAYOFF.!!

If 7 Rupees was just keep in bank for 45 years with 10% interest on it you will get 510 Rupees, which will be $8.50.!! ( 60 x 8.5 ) and no headache at all to get money as don't need worry about keeping FDC in safe place, selling on eBay, mailing to buyer etc.

Your money is safe with nationalized bank.!!

                          dollar to rupees from 1969            Compound interest calculation

There are more example of Gandhi Centenary FDC which were sold between $2-$3.!! (chances of SHILL Bidding are very high) so you were getting about 150 Rupees if you have invested in Gandhi stamps, but if you invested that in FIXED deposit you might got 510 Rupees.!!

Even Uruguay Gandhi stamp is appreciating only 41 cents after 44+ years.!!

You do the math and think how much you will get return on investment if you have invested 100 peso in 1970

The peso was replaced in November 1973 by the nuevo peso (new peso; ISO 4217 code: UYN) at a rate of 1 new peso for 1000 old pesos. The nuevo peso was also subdivided into 100 cent├ęsimos.  

After further inflation, the peso uruguay (ISO 4217 code: UYU) replaced the nuevo peso on March 1, 1993, again at a rate of 1 new for 1000 old.          

So even after 44+ years it's not appreciating!! 

Forget about appreciating if you count all inflation then you will be paying from your pocket to keep this in your album and space in closet and also chance of getting damage because of weather or water or fire as it's a piece of paper.!!

On top of it there is lot of headache to sell this as chances are there might be no buyer or it will get lost in mail and you have to pay commission to eBay and PayPal.!!

Also you need to keep all accounting because you have to pay tax on it.!!

Now you need to decide whether it's Paying hobby or Dying hobby.

To me it looks like DYING hobby.

Read my following blog post and you will also start believing that it's Dying if you still believe it's Paying hobby.!!

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Now does it make sense to collect stamps after looking above blog posts?

I Don't think so.!!

Gandhi Stamps Club

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