Gandhi Germany Stamps :- Why you will quit Gandhi Philately - Part -10

Hello Gandhi Collectors,

As you all know that in 1969, 40+ countries honored Mahatma Gandhi by issuing his stamps to celebrate his 100th birthday. Germany was one of the them.  I am not sure about the # of stamps and FDC issued but looks like it is very very large quantities. Also wide varieties of FDC are available for this Gandhi Germany stamp. 

According to Germany 1969 Gandhi stamp cost around 10 cents.!! and FDC are sold around 1$.

 If you see following screen shot and you will surprised what  is starting price of Germany FDC $12.!! 

Is it not amazing to see this kind of high price on huge quantity of FDC. If you see the # on FDC it is 23000+.

So not sure why this seller is trying to sell at high price. I think he waiting for some newbie to buy it.!!

So please keep this in mind whenever you buy Germany Gandhi stamps or FDC. Don't pay more than 10 cents for stamps and $1 for FDC other wise you will regert.

You can see all this FDC in Nikhil's blog post about Germany FDC. Click  here to see.

All varieties of FDC are available in large quantity except some so don't get trap other wise you know what will happen to you.!!

Following screen shot was added on 11/17/11. You can see what is the current price of Germany FDC. It's one euro ($1.35).!!

Even after 40+  years stamps is selling under 10 cents and FDC under $1.!! So don't think Gandhi stamps or any other stamps are for investment. Also there are not that many collectors of Gandhi stamps which will increase value and will give your high rate of return. Just think as hobby and don't pay any attention about putting some money in stamps as diversification of portfolio.

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Again thanks for reading and  Please share your thoughts in the comments section.

Ketankumar Patel.
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