Cameroun Gandhi Stamps : Cameroon Overprint Gandhi, Kennedy and Martin Luther King error stamps and miniature sheet - Why you will quit Gandhi Philately - Part 13

Hello Gandhi Collectors,

After looking Cameroun overprint stamps and Miniature sheets, I think Cameroun Stamp Printer or Stamp Quality Assurance (QA)  department organisation people are DUMB?

I am not sure how they can overprint by mistake on large quantity even without thinking what they are doing. In 1969 they printed space theme of Moon Landing on 1968 Gandhi, Kennedy and MLK stamps and miniature sheets.

After researching more about this and thinking more about this  I came to conclusion that they are super SMART and we all who have this overprint stamps and minisature sheets are DUMB!!! They did it to make money and they succeed.!!! Also in 1968  they know what is going to sell (MLK, Kennedy's and Gandhi)  and in 1969 it was all about space. They combined this together with overprint and made one of kind error stamp So they are super smart.!!!

And right now out of all stamps in that overprint only Gandhi theme is famous and we all are being cheated.!!

Think Why you don't see  overprint error stamps from USA!!

Today Cameroun stamps and sheets were sold for very high price and I am not sure what this buyer (if real) then he will do with this piece of paper. I guess he will also keep it like me.!!

Buyers are : martind8751 & spark-500 (canada)
Seller : ctx23 (Germany).

Also price of Gandhi stamps and sheets should not be too much because there is enough for everyone. If you think as investment than negative return is guarntee if you paid high price because Gandhi stamps is very highly inflated and also there are lot of other expense in selling, so BEWARE of this.

Also value of MNH Gandhi stamps is not appreciating in value and also it don't have any value in exhibition, so beware.!! Also this kind of intensely overprint stamp is nothing but garbage  which you keep it very safe.!!!

So now think who is Smart and who is Dumb.!!

All overprints stamps from Cameroun, Togo, Nicragua and whatever else are there to just make money by making us it's error. Click following blog post to read more about this.


Again thanks for reading and  Please share your thoughts in the comments section.

Ketankumar Patel.

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