Panama Gandhi Stamps : Looks like Gandhi stamp value is declining.!!

Hello Gandhi Collectors,

Panama Gandhi stamp is one of the rarely available stamp but recently I see lot of them on ebay auction sites.

Do you think Gandhi stamps are really for investment?

Recently MNH Panama Gandhi stamp was sold for $46.!!  Ofcourse it is lot of money for just 10 panama cents stamps issued in1971, but compare to last 2 auction this is a good buy.

Seller : docnik
Buyer : veerumbm
Date sold : Nov 15, 2011
Price :- $47

Seller : hawaiirocks!
Buyer : dsmckeel
Price : $71
Date : Jun 26, 2011

Seller : docnik
Buyer : airpostman
Date : Jun 08, 2011
Price $137

So if you see last 3 transaction, it sold for $137, $71 and $46 dollars which is 35-40% less then previous auction.

Don't know at what price it will end but looking to trend it looks like next one will be $25-30 or may be less.

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If you ever buy this stamp for more then 10-20$ then chances are you will quit Gandhi Philately, because it is too expensive as still there are lot of hidden Panama Gandhi stamps which will come in market in next 50 years and you will start loosing value instead of appreciating.  Let the dealer and reseller try to protect their Panama stamps and accumulate for us.!!

And when it comes there will be not that many Gandhi Collectors to buy all that stamps same way what's going on currently in Nicaragua Gandhi Einstein TajMahal stamp sheet. In this case it's only Gandhi so it will go down faster than Nicaragua Gandhi stamps.!!

BTW: I don't have this in MNH and used one I bought it was very cheap.

Ketankumar Patel.

Update :- Buyer for Panama stamps from "hawaiirocks!" is "dsmckeel"

Update :- Bidder list for Panama stamps from "docnik" to "veerumbm"

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