Cameroun Gandhi Stamps on Used Cover is for sale on delcampe.!!

Hello Gandhi Collectors,

I saw Cameroun used cover with Gandhi stamps  for auction on delcampe. Only 3 days left for auction to end. Following is the screen shot of that cover.

1968 Gandhi stamps is used in 1991.!!

Not sure what will be price of Gandhi  Cameroun Commercial used cover will be.!! As per previous auction it sold for 450+.!! Read previous blog post about Expensive Commerical used covers from Cameroun.!!

 You can click following URL to see it.


While looking at this cover it looks genuine but my only concern is CDS  on Gandhi stamp only. (not on cover and stamp). It's starting price is somewhere between 65-70$.

I use to bid on this kind of used covers but I stopped it. Day by day my trust on used cover is declining because of my research on all kind of possibilities in Philately.!!! It required lot of research for this kind of used covers.

Let see how much this cover sells for. Previous 2 covers were sold for very high price, but looking to it's use in 1991 I don't see it will get what we saw for other 2.

What do you think about this cover. ?

BTW :- Last week this seller sold Cameroun FDC for $150.!! Not sure why this price shoot up so needs to look in to this.!!! I know why and now you need to find out. It's very simple.!!

Thanks for reading

Ketankumar Patel.

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