Bhutan Embossed stamps : What a RIP-OFF pricing for stamp collection ?

Hello Ghandi stamps collectors,

We all know how seller/dealers try to make you fool or try to cheat you. When I saw $90 price tag for Bhutan Embosed stamp I cannot believe it that seller are still trying to fool collectors.

Following is one of the example were eBay seller "sydneystampcentre" is trying to reap money from your pocket.

He is selling Bhutan Embossed stamps of Churchill, Gandhi, Pope and others for $90.  This is nothing but reaping off collectors who are just new to stamp collection.

Also look at the incorrect spelling in title "Bhutan Embosed Heads Curchill, Pope, Ghandi" ? This is one more way to fool collectors!!

This stamps are unique but not RARE as it's available in large quantity right now at very nominal price and still there are no buyers.


So after looking price of $3 per set what do you think about this price of Bhutan Embosed stamps : Churchill - Curchill stamps and Gandhi - Ghandi stamps?

Don't you think it completely ripping off if you are not aware of what's going in stamp collection ?

Also look at the following screenshot where Germany eBay seller "allstamps4you" is selling embossed stamps first day cover for $47.!!

I am not sure whether this is Genuine or Forgery or Bogus, because this embossed stamp first day cover with April 22 date is not mentioned in Gandhi Handbook.

Not sure whom to believe as there are 2 different date first day cover available with Bhutan embossed stamp. One is with April 22 and other is April 17.

To me this look genuine but who knows what happened in 1972.?

It's not only in just stamps but FORGERY FDC with stamps are also available. If you are not aware of forgery  and bogus then click followign link to read my previous blog post.




So now what do you think about seller and Bhutan Embosed stamps : Churchill - Curchill stamps and Gandhi - Ghandi stamps ?

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