1854 QV Queen Victoria India Litho stamps : Stamp Collection : 100 YEARS OLD ITEMS WILL NOT BE SHIPPED OUTSIDE INDIA ?

Recently I saw India 1854 QV 1/2 Anna Litho stamps from eBay seller "gsphila" from India.

But interesting thing about this eBay sale is that it cannot be shipped outside India because as per Indian Antique law any item more than 100 years old cannot be shipped outside India and if you do then you might end up in Indian Jail.!! (M. Dave was arrested for this, read at the end of blog post)

It's good that seller is specifying this in his/her eBay sale?

But what if this kind of material is send from relatives staying abroad as lot of philatelist kids are now settle in various countries or even going out of India for vacation or business trips.?


This block of 1854 QV Queen Victoria  India Litho stamps was for sale for $700.!!

Lot of money so what are the chances of forgery ?

According to me there are more FORGERY than genuine or I can say ONLY Forgery are available as it will be very hard to PRESERVE stamp (piece of paper) after 160+ years.!!

Now if you see QUANTITY available it's nothing but FORGERY.!!

We all know how easy is to print this stamps and apply forged rubber stamps as no one know what happen 160+ years ago and what kind of rubber stamps were using, what kind of paper were used.

If you have not read any of my  blog post related to FAKE, FORGERIES or BOGUS then please read following blog post related to Queen Victoria stamp - India 1854 QV stamps and understand what's going on in stamp collection and BEWARE for your future.

After reading above blog post what do you think about this cancellation and QV stamps ?

Now as we know that this 1854 QV Queen Victoria  India stamps are available in FORGERY what are chances of this as forgery.

It's very easy to make forgery of 1854 QV  stamps from India as it was printed by Lithography equipment in single color.

Following are some of them available on eBay.!!

Not sure whether you can sell forgery stamps legally on eBay. It's a government issued stamps.!!

What happen if you start selling forged US dollars on eBay or Indian Rupees on eBay, as both have legal value in it and comes from government treasuries.

It's another way  of "Art of making money : Philately Greed.!!"


Read my following blog post about FAKE AND FORGED Gandhi stamps and philatelic cancellation and decide what are chances of FORGERY.

It' easy to apply RUBBER stamp and make above stamp as used and sell it.

Also chances of getting caught is less because it's USED by applying rubber stamp, keeping in soil  or exposing to sun and make it toned.!!

After reading all of the above blog post it's now up to you to decide about Queen Victoria stamp - India 1854 QV stamp value - stamp worth.

So BEWARE what you are buying ,selling and taking outside India.

In past philatelist was arrested for just taking 100 years old item from India to display in exhibit.!!

Click to read full article : http://www.gadling.com/2010/04/14/customs-arrests-man-for-flying-with-stamps/

If it is 100 years old item from India make sure you contact your lawyer before you sell or buy, where are you shipping etc otherwise you don't know what kind of trouble you will have in future when government comes looking from you.

Now do you think it's worth to collect stamps specially from India were there are more forgeries available and you have to fight with all that laws.!!

Also don't you think Stamp Collection hobby is DECLINING.!!

Gandhi Stamps Club.

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