Indian rare stamps price - stamp worth today?

Recently I saw 1948 India Gandhi stamps with 10 Rupees face value selling for $44 which means this is not indian rare stamps.!!

Now what is Gandhi 10 Rupees 1948 stamp worth today or Indian rare stamp price?

To me this $44 looks like real price without any Shill bidding or seller doing any illegal things to make money.

Also chances of price going down is very likely because there are no new stamp collectors (teen agers) coming to this hobby and all experienced collector (old) are either selling this stamp if they have it.!!

And that the reason Stamp collection hobby is declining.!!

And there are no rare stamps because every experienced collector wants to sell it before they die.

So no one is getting good price even if it is rare Indian stamp.!!

We all know Gandhi stamp is Glorified so much that seller's starting to price Gandhi Stamp as very high price.

If you see following screenshots were Gandhi 10 Rupees 1948 stamp is selling from $100 to $600.!!  

But there are no buyers.

But this 1948 Gandhi Stamps is nothing but Glorified by inflating price  and not paying it or shill bidding.

Seller knows all cheating happening in stamp selling such as 
2) Buyer don't pay to seller
3) Seller show image of genuine item and sends you forgery items.
5) Creating forgery stamps and selling as Genuine.
6) Making forgery rubber stamps
7) Making Bogus rubber stamps of never exist cancellation
8) Publishing philatelic handbooks with incorrect information or forgery philatelic items
9) Exhibiting forgery items in stamp shows and online exhibit.
10) Writing incorrect information on stamp website, stamp blog, stamp forums, stamp boards etc.
11) Forgery or Bogus expertising certificate.
12) How to increase price and send SECOND OFFER. (Postal History Cheating)

In 2014 I saw this stamp sold for $80 and I still think it's too much. Read following blog post to know more about value of 10 rupees Gandhi Stamps from India issued in 1948.

http://gandhistampsclub.blogspot.com/2012/10/gandhi1948.html (buyer don't pay or seller close store.)

After reading above three blog posts what do you think about all of the following 1948 Stamps available on eBay.?

Do you think 1948 Gandhi stamps from India

1) Is UNIQUE stamp or RARE stamp ?

2) Do you think it's valuation makes sense from  $120 to $600 for single or $3000 for block of four.?

To me it's not a unique or rare stamp as in just April 2014 there are more than 15 stamps available as buy it now and no one wants to buy it.!!

Also chances of getting forgery stamp is very very high as it will be very hard to find difference of quality of printers, perforation and gumming etc

So avoid it at all cost if you want to have dreams in night other wise nightmare is waiting for you.!!

Can you FIND out how many are FORGERY (replica, facsimile,copy) from the following screenshot which are currently available on eBay ?

So what do you think of all the above pricing of Gandhi 10 Rupees 1948 stamp worth today. (IT"S ALL HIGHLY INFLATED.)

Do you think this are rare Indian stamps ? (NO).

Gandhi Stamps Club.

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