DODO stamps REGISTERED used stamp COVER - MAURITIUS postal department forgery ?

If you are not aware of things going in stamp collection than this blog post will help you.

In order to make money collector will create some unique philatelic material but mostly they will do this by FORGERY.

If you just sell stamps no one is going to buy it, but when you make unique covers with multiple stamps collector will buy it thinking it's genuine, but in real life it's a different story.

When it comes to postal used cover or used cover or register cover or private fdc (unofficial cachet or no cachet) 99.99% it's nothing but FORGERY.

Even some of the famous Gandhi stamps collectors were cheated by this cover.!! So BEWARE anything from Mauritius because rubber stamp can be applied on any cover.!!

Following is one of the classic example Philatelic Fake and Forgery in Gandhi stamp collection.

 If you have not read my blog post about Mauritius 1969 Gandhi stamp forgery then click one of the following link so you can save your money.

After reading above blog post don't you think it's nothing but FORGERY.

Maker of this cover cheated with buyer who bought it in past by 
  • shill bidding
  • selling FAKE material
  • making forgery of Mauritus rubber stamp (circular rubber stamp)
  • forgery of registration rubber stamp ?
Following is screenshot from eBay were seller "theobargain" is selling it for $30.!!

Do you think seller "theobargain" is genuine seller or he/she has multiple id in order to fool collectors? We had seen this in past and it's a common practice to seller/buyer has multiple eBay id (it's free to open account).

Don't you think it's very cheap compare to other covers ?

Don't you think it's unique because it has all 1969 Gandhi stamps, 2001 Gandhi Stamps and DODO stamps from Mauritius.

Even though it's register cover there is  no back stamp rubber stamp from UK.!!

So what do you think about this MAURITIUS stamps -  DODO stamps REGISTERED used stamp COVER - MAURITIUS postal department forgery ?

Forgery or Genuine ?

Do you think Mauritius Postal department has time and money to go after this kind of forgery?

BTW: - Stay away from any used covers because 99% it's forgery.!! It's a gimmick made by stamp exhibitors in order to make money.!!

Gandhi Stamps Club.

1 comment:

  1. Have you ever bought anything from this ebay seller?
    I recently bought one stamp cancelled on paper from him on ebay, and on close examination find it (the postmark) to have been applied with a laser printer



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