Stamp Expertizing : B.P.A Expertising - BPA expertising Limited - BPA stamp certificate : WHAT is Stamp Expertization ?

Experienced collector or stamp investor gives lot of value to stamp expertizing giving by stamp experts from different stamp expertising committes, association or philatelic experts.

I am not sure why such a importance is giving to stamp expertizing or stamp expert certificate, as it is PIECE OF PAPER without any government rules or law involved in it.

We see lot of stamp expertizing certificate from B.P.A Expertising or BPA expertising Limited - Royal Philatelic Society etc.

Recently I saw BPA expertising certificate for  100+ years old India stamps 1911 India First Aerial Post cancellation from Allahabad with signature of Henry Pequet, which was sold for $4200 by eBay seller "drpokiri" from India.

This is the First Stamp Expertizing of First Aerial mail from  B.P.A Expertising - BPA expertising Limited.

As per my knowledge this post card is 100+ years old so it cannot to be sold to outside India because of  antique law, so not sure how it was mailed to UK to get expertising certificate.

Also Indian people require permission from Indian government for  foreign exchange to send money in UK pound or US dollars ?

Also I hope buyer will be Indian otherwise 100 years old Indian antique laws are broken. Read following to know more about more than 100 years old Indian antique law.

Lot of money (250,000 Indian Rupees = $4200) from Indian Buyer to buy this 100 year old antique postcard of 1911 first aerial mail.

Can buy a car(brand new) with this money in India instead PIECE OF PAPER or 75 inch TV and Boss surround sound system or cruise vacation (inside cabin) for 4 from San Francisco to Alaska for 10 days.

It's 3+ years of India average salary.!! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Income_in_India

With this much money, not only seller will benefit from this eBay transaction but lot of money for eBay Shareholder (commission from eBay/PayPal), BPA(fees for expertising) and Indian government ( will get Income tax, sales tax, VAT etc).

In past I wrote multiple blog about this FORGERY or BOGUS 1911 First Aerial Post and this was the first one with Expertising certificate.

Not only that I also wrote about invalid postage on 1911 first aerial post and also wrote about invalid registration on 1911 first aerial post from India.

As this also has stamp Expert Certificate I decide to do more research about Expertising Certificate.

What is stamp Expertization ?

"Neither the Company nor the members of the Expert Committee can accept any liability, either collective or individual, for any opinion expressed."

Does this make sense?

To me any Expert Certificate or Stamp Expertizing does not add any value, because it looks like any one can give their opinion and call piece of paper as Expertising Certificate.

To become stamp Expert or to issue Expertising Certificate it's very easy. Just start it as don't need any of the following.
  • You don't need any college degree or certification or license from government.
  • There are no rules or law in stamp expertising certificate which needs to be followed and there is no overseeing authority who can revoke you as stamp expert or philatelic expert.
  • Even to open a store or company it require permit from local authority and they do all kind of inspection, background check etc. You don't need when you start issuing expertising certificate. 
  • It don't require physical address also as website is only requirement to become philatelic expert.
  • It's not even printed in with some special ink or paper or logos or watermark.
Does it make sense with this kind of Stamp Expert or Expertising Certificate ?

Don't you think it's a JOKE.!! (Philatelic JOKE).!!

Also last week I did research about stamp Expertizing Certification from Sergio Sismondo so my knowledge regrading this stamp Expertizing Certification is very fresh.

So I though let me see what is this B.P.A Expertising - BPA expertising Limited - BPA stamp certificate : WHAT is Stamp Expertization ? 

Let me make sure I am not writing that this is not a genuine stamps or not a genuine certificate or genuine opinion giving through Expert Certificate. I am just expressing my freedom of speech by expressing my own opinion which can help you to think about this Expertising Certificate which we see all the time for expensive stamps and philatelic items.

It's up to you to decide whether expertising make sense or not. You are paying money so you need to decide.

While searching about expertising certificate, I was confused when I did some deep research about BPA expertising certificate.

Look like BPA expertising is not done by British Philatelic Association but there is nothing like British Philatelic Association.

But British Philatelic Association google search will take me to world famous philatelic organization "The Great Britain Philatelic Association" whose website is  (ORG.UK)

Where as BPA Expertising Limited website is (.COM)

So don't think as this expertising is officially from The Great Britain Philatelic Association. It's from BPA.

Both are different.

BPA has nothing to do with The Great Britain Philatelic Association.

Not sure why  not using bpaexpertising.org.uk as it is based in UK but there email address is pointing to http://bpaexpertising.org  but both website is not working even though email address used by BPA Expersting Limited.

Royal Philatelic Society (RPS) is also based in UK and it's website is (ORG.UK)

So my question is "Do this kind of CERTIFICATE has value" while collecting stamps ?

As they don't take any liability.

Now compare following FORGERY of 1911 First Aerial rubber stamp with above cancellation and you decide what is it all about.

Don't you think someone has made it recently applying on any old postcards or covers ?


In past I had seen FORGERY of this kind of activity in Gandhi 1948 SERVICE stamps,1930 Round Table Conference, Gandhi Boycott Label and other British India stamps.

Sometimes it don't even exist and collector make it FAKE. (No forgery needed as it was not even exist, complete BOGUS, create what ever you want and how you want and what you want on it) like 2009 Germany FAKE Cancellation created to spread non-violence on occasion of School shooting in Winneden Germany.

Just thinking out loud, What if this first aerial post never exist and all the material in philatelic handbooks is glorified since 1911.!! ? (same way like BOGUS 2009 Winnenden Germany cancellation)

BOGUS rubber stamp (not officially issued)

Expertising Certificate are very easy to issue as it don't required any government approval or legal laws as you are just giving opinion.!!

As a Expertising issuer you don't take any liability even if you express incorrect or false opinion.!!

You don't have to be affiliated with any philatelic society or association.

It's like DIY (Do It Yourself).

"Neither the Company nor the members of the Expert Committee can accept any liability, either collective or individual, for any opinion expressed."

I think it all depends on how buyer look at it as per his knowledge about stamps collection.!! I hope this might help them when they are looking for any expertising certificate.

To know more about this kind of activity read my following blog post and think what are the possibilities in cheating, glorification, SHILL bidding, FAKE, Forgery etc.

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9) Gandhi SERVICE overprint stamp price fell from $1009 to $1.!!
10) How can you tell that Gandhi SERVICE stamp is FAKE or Forgery ?

I hope all the above will help while making decision in investing stamps and to avoid getting CHEATED.!!

Now don't you think it does NOT make sense STAMP INVESTING!!

Gandhi Stamps Club.


Following is the bidding detail so you can research how this was sold and to whom.!!

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