India stamps Used Abroad

We had seen lot of stamps from India Used Abroad but majority of them are nothing but FORGERY made by just applying Forged postmark rubber stamp of post office on Queen Victoria or King George stamps.

Following is 1961 Gandhi FDC from USA with 1948 India Gandhi Stamps with Special cancellation "From Darkness Lead to Light" with Spinning Wheel art work which makes it India stamp used abroad.

In past I wrote following blog post about India stamps used abroad. Click to read it and understand before you read this.






Now apply above reading to the current auction of stamps used abroad and look at the following auction of 100+ years old India stamps used Abroad.

Also look at the pricing and quantity available.

Now compare it with above India Used stamp and think which looks more Genuine stamps and cancellation ?

Also 100+ years old stamp of India cannot be shipped outside India, so who is buying this stamps in India.!!

Lot of money for Indian Government from income/sales/VAT taxes and lot of money for eBay India from commission.

Read my following blog post to read about Indian Philately Exposed!! : Forged Cancellation B/172 Straits Settlements


Also do you think this selling price is increased by some illegal ways such as SHILL bidding, Buyer not paying to seller etc.


India stamp used abroad in Aden.


India stamp used Abroad in Zanzibar Africa QV


India stamp East India QV collection.

India stamp used Abroad in Akyab Burma 

India stamp used Abroad in Bandar ABAS Persia cancellation

India stamp used Abroad in Busrah Iraq Cancellation QV KEVII and KGV

Now compare above piece of paper with Used stamps from Abroad with following Gandhi FORGERY and think what are the chance of all of the above are FORGERY?

Not sure whether you can sell forgery stamps legally on eBay. It's a government issued stamps.!!

What happen if you start selling forged US dollars on eBay or Indian Rupees on eBay, as both stamp and money have legal value in it and comes from government treasuries.

It's another way  of "Art of making money : Philately Greed.!!"


Read my following blog post about FAKE AND FORGED Gandhi stamps and philatelic cancellation and decide what are chances of FORGERY.

It' easy to apply RUBBER stamp and make some used stamps with affixing on piece of paper or envelope.

Classic forgery rubber stamp Indian Embassy of Nepal.

India stamp used in Nepal (abroad)

Also chances of getting caught is less because it's USED by applying rubber stamp, keeping in soil  or exposing to sun and make it toned.!!

After reading all of the above blog post it's now up to you to decide about Queen Victoria stamp - India stamp used abroad value and it's stamp worth.

Now do you think India Stamp used abroad are GENUINE?


Gandhi Stamps Club.

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