Stamp collection Cheating : INDIAN Buyer don't received it.!!

We know stamp collection is full of cheating.

1) Shill Bidding to increase price (Done by seller)
2) Increasing Price to increase their own value ( Done by collectors or dealers)
3) Not paying to seller (winning after increasing price)

But next one is biggest of them.

4) Not receiving stamp collection or cover after paying .!! (By BUYER)

It's very easy to cheat and make money by doing #4.!! Just buy it, pay it and get item and open case with eBay.!!

After buying Buyers will complaint to seller that they did not received it and seller has to pay back because of eBay policy or to avoid bad feedback and also chances of spoiling other auction item.!

Now after reading following screenshot I was surprised that seller don't want to Indian stamp collectors (dealers).!! It's insult to 1.2+ billion people as well as all NRI.

This is offending to me as in future it will affect my kids also so I did some more research on other auction sellers and I was surprised by my outcome.

Lot of eBay sellers don't want to sell to Indian stamp collectors because item get lost frequently or mostly when it is expensive item.!!

But I had never issue with Indian Postal department when I send anything to India!! So not sure why sellers don't want to sell it to Indian stamp collectors.

Do you think Indian buyers are cheating to sellers.?

Do you think Indian buyers are lying after receiving stamps or covers ?

My research indicates that this happens very frequently when item is  expensive items and it happens in all 3rd world countries but as there are more # of stamp collectors in India so there are more CHEATERS and that's the reason sellers don't sell to India.!!

So we all need to speak up.

Don't we as Indian should make sure no one should spoil our country name by this kind of activity.

Don't we have to stop this kind of Cheating not only as a Indian Origin person but also as Gandhi stamp collectors whose one of the principle  was"TRUTH IS GOD".

Following screenshot of Mahatma Gandhi 1948 FDC and if you read seller comments it's very embrassing as an Indian.

Don't you think it's time to SPEAK up against this kind of activity not only as Indian but also as a moral responsibility as human being.

If you sold any Gandhi stamps or FDC to India and if it is lost or stolen, please let me know details and we can create a database of following so others sellers as well whole philatelic community in India knows where it's happening.

1) Name and Address of eBay Buyer
2) PayPal email address
3) eBay item #
4) PayPal complaint #
5) any other information.

Let's stop this in Gandhi stamp collection and follow Mahatma Gandhi Principle "TRUTH IS GOD"

It's BRUTAL out there so BEWARE when you are selling. 

BTW: It's more BRUTAL even as buyer because of getting FORGERY or victim of SHILL BIDDING.!!

Gandhi Stamps Club

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