FFC : First Flight Cover : How you will CHEATED in stamp collection.

Following FFC - First Flight Cover is one of the classic example how you will be CHEATED in stamp collection.

Following is nothing but rubber stamp applied on a cover and never even travel in the flight.!! Just applied rubber stamp and start selling on eBay to buyer who are in stamp collection.

Also chances of this First Flight cover end up in Philatelic MUSEUM so it looks like genuine or authentic and it's easy to cheat and make more money from this kind of rubber stamps.

It is sold as 1st Flight Airbus A380 KE906 Frankfut - Seoul 25-3-2012 with stamps from USA and special cancellation to celebrate 50th Anniversary of First American in Orbit. Following is official special cancellation but it is impossible to make FFC from Korea and it's not gone through postal stream.

In past I wrote about FFC - First Flight cover which are nothing but FORGERY as it never travel through first flight or any flight.

This in not a new thing in First Flight Cover. This is going on for more than 100 years.

Following is also Bogus (never exist) or FORGERY First Aerial Post issued in 1911 from Allahabad India.!!

F0RGERY of rubber stamp with Red ink.!!!
Chances of correct ink cover might be in Museum or selling on eBay!!

YES, above postmark is a Rubber stamp.!! It's not postmark.

So stay away from all the HYPE in First Flight Cover, First Aerial Mail, Air Mail cover etc as it's nothing but to MAKE MONEY from you.!!

Want to know more about about this kind of Rubber stamp then click one of the following link.

Gandhi Stamps Club.

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