This blog post is to bring AWARENESS to new or  long time stamp collector about Stamp Collecting Values or How much is my Stamps Worth or Stamp Investment makes sense in today's world.

We all are always thinking about stamp worth because we put lot of effort in it as a hobby, but hobbies don't last for ever.

Same is the case for stamp collection and what I notice in last 4+ years that it's value is declining like great depression, and chances are it will never come back because there is lot of other things to do as time has changed and communication method is also changed so no one even use stamps what was daily part of life.

If you are thinking about STAMP COLLECTING VALUES  or  STAMPS WORTH then you are in big trouble because you might get in depression. There is not value in Stamps Investment as no body collect it.!!

If you see 20 years ago there was no computers, no internet, no video games , no Facebook, no google search and limited amount of reading material available. Also at that people don't have money so no more going out to eat or vacation to see different places so there was lot of extra time for stamp collecting hobby, but now you don't have enough time for hobby.

As there are only 24 hours in a day and 365 days in a year there is no way you can accomplish all this things and have time for hobby.!!

So your new hobby is facebook or video games or surfing the web  for daily activity other than going to school or work and during weekend go out to eat and see movie and during long weekend or school vacation travel to different places.!!

Now look at the following screenshot from eBay. 

1969 Great Britain Gandhi stamp sheet of 120 stamps was sold for $9 which will be 7 cents per stamp.!!

After 45 years it's value is not appreciating and if you count all inflation and investment and storage of stamps it is losing value.( also needs to pay for shipping, handling and eBay and PayPal fees.!!)

Now don't you think it's a sign of great depression in Stamp collecting if you look at it's value.

But you might see lot of HIGH price in stamps which are nothing but GLORIFICATION of stamps by

1) Increasing price by SHILL Bidding
2) Not paying to seller after winning so it increase price
3) FORGERY and FAKE items are even selling at high price
4) Even expertising certificate are FORGED.

To know more about this kind of activity read my following blog post and think what are the possibilities in cheating, glorification, SHILL bidding, FAKE, Forgery etc.

1) 1948 Stamps False hope of Riches?
2) 1948 Gandhi Stamps: Are False hope of Riches - Part II ?
3) 1948 Gandhi Mourning Private FDC : Are False hope of Riches - Part III?
4) 1948 Expensive Gandhi FDC : Are False hope of Riches - Part IV?
5) 1948 Gandhi Stamps Early Usage cover :  Gandhi Stamps Are False hope of Riches - Part V?
6) Maxi Card sold for $5100 with 1948 Gandhi Stamps - False hope of Riches - Part VI?
7) Indian Philately Exposed 
8) Indian Philately Exposed - Part II
9) Gandhi SERVICE overprint stamp price fell from $1009 to $1.!!
10) How can you tell that Gandhi SERVICE stamp is FAKE or Forgery ?

I hope all the above will help while making decision in investing stamps and to avoid getting CHEATED.!!

Now don't you think it does NOT make sense STAMP INVESTING!! or even Collecting.!!!

Do you think it's INVESTMENT or GAME.!!

I think it's not for Investment but it's a Philatelic GAME.!!

So let's see how to play  Philatelic Game.!! (click to read how to, rules and regulations.!!)

After reading above links what do you think of  STAMP COLLECTING VALUES : STAMPS WORTH - Stamps Investment ?

Gandhi Stamps Club.

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