Sergio Sismondo : Stamp Expertising Certificate - A Philatelic JOKE.!

Recently I saw 1854 India QV Queen Victoria stamp with Sergio Sismondo Expert Certificate sold for $809 even though though as per seller catalog value was $4000+ by USA eBay seller "wengadr"( previously known as "puneetgo").

USA government will get Capital Gain tax on this sell of this stamp.

Also USA government will get Federal Tax, California Government will get State Tax and also local sales tax. Also fees received from expertising this certificate will also benefit Canada Government.

BTW: It's 100+ years old stamps so cannot be sold/ship outside India. But this is from USA so it's fine, but buyer looks like from India ("stampsofindia") so not sure how this Indian antique law will work in future.

Looks like eBay is making lot of money from stamp selling. So eBay shareholders(Disclosure : I am eBay shareholders) are also getting benefit of this kind of expensive stamp if BUYER paid to seller and seller paid all commission to eBay.!!

But chance of cheating to eBay shareholders are very high because sometimes seller don't pay to eBay as buyer did not paid to seller, because buyer might be shill bidding or just want to increase price.

As this also has stamp Expert Certificate I decide to do more research about Expertising Certificate issuer.

To me this Expert Certificate does not add any value, because it looks like any one can give their opinion and call piece of paper as Expertising Certificate.

To become stamp Expert (Expertising Certificate issuer)

  • You don't need any college degree or certification or license from government.
  • There are no rules or law in stamp expertising certificate which needs to be followed and there is no overseeing authority who can revoke you as stamp expert or philatelic expert.
  • Even to open a store or company it require permit from local authority and they do all kind of inspection, background check etc. You don't need when you start issuing expertising certificate. 
  • It don't require physical address also as website is only requirement to become philatelic expert.
Does it make sense with this kind of Stamp Expert or Expertising Certificate ?

Don't you think it's a JOKE.!! (Philatelic JOKE).!!

Let me make sure I am not writing that this is not a genuine stamps or not a genuine certificate or genuine opinion giving through Expert Certificate. 

I am just expressing my freedom of speech by expressing my own opinion which can help you to think about WHAT IS this Expertising Certificate in stamp collection which we see all the time for expensive stamps and philatelic items.

As this was issued by Sergio Sismondo, first thing I did was to search on google.!!

I cannot even found "Sergio" name on this website.!! Also address is not any office as it's pointing to some mailbox in mall.( I know people don't want to provide genuine address to avoid spam or privacy, but when you are in business it's shows your identity.!!). But it's required to gain trust of collectors.

Email address is not even pointing to this web address.!! It's sismondo@dreamscape.com which is free web based email address. (In order to gain trust one must have it's own domain name email address, not free one.)

There is No information about Sergio Sismondo
  • Who is he ? 
  • How is he philatelic expert ?
  • What are his philatelic expertise ?
  • What kind of stamp collection he did in past and present ?
  • Participate in stamp exhibition?
  • Won any medals in stamp exhibition ?
  • Any international philatelic exhibition judging ?
Also no information about who submitted India 1854 stamp,  as we see on other expertising certificate.

Looks like it's not big philatelic society like The Royal Philatelic Society issuing this certificate but some one like me or you is giving his opinion by charging money.

There are total 87 auction on eBay with Sismondo Certificate. Click this link for auction by Sergio Simondo.

It's easy to make money and no liability and make lot of money. See money made by sismondostamps.com, Philatelic expert Sergio Sismondo.!! (It's 3.75% of catalogue value, which is about $150.!!)

Lot of money by issuing certificate.!!  Now I am seriously thinking about to issuing expertising certificate. ( it's coming soon.!!)

Again let me make sure I am not writing that this is not a genuine stamps or not a genuine certificate or genuine opinion giving through Expert Certificate. I am just expressing my freedom of speech by expressing my own opinion which can help you to think about this Expertising Certificate which we see all the time for expensive stamps and philatelic items.

It's up to you to decide whether expertising make sense or not. You are paying money so you need to decide.

Also I found another website http://www.sismondowines.com while searching Sergion Sismondo which is  all about WINES.

Wines or Stamps ? or both.?

In past I wrote about Expertising certificate so please read my blog post to understand properly.

Even though some of the stamps and philatelic material looks Forgery to me there are expertising certificate because any one can issue certificate without any liability.

To me it looks like any one can issue stamp Expertising certificate.

Issuing stamp expertising certificate don't required any government license or any college degree or you don't have to buy any bonds or money guarantee.

If you are doctor or pharmacist you need degree as well as government license to practice but to issue Expertising certificate any one can issue it even if you don't collect stamp.!!

If doctor or pharmacist makes any mistake or error their license will be suspended or someone will sue them.

But if you are issuer of Stamp Expert Certificate you are not liable of anything even if you give incorrect information.!!

So how can we trust this certificate ? (We Cannot trust it)

Do expertising certificate issuing committee takes full responsibility if some thing is proven wrong after many years.? (No they don't take any responsibility).

They just give opinion and don't take any liability. 

Think as PIECE OF PAPER.!! without any liability.

Here in this certificate there is no Company or no members in Expert Committee, It's an individual who is expressing opinion.

In past I wrote following blog posts about forgery of 1854 stamp so what are chances of this as Forgery.

After reading above blog post what do you think about this cancellation and QV stamps ?

Now as we know that this 1854 QV Queen Victoria  India stamps are available in FORGERY what are chances of this as forgery.

Click link to see more about this.
Not sure why it was sold for such a less even with stamp expert certificate, but who cares when everyone is making money including eBay($50), PayPal ($50) and Expert Certificate issuer ($150), postal agency etc which in turn will be benefited to USA state and federal government  who will get income tax, sales tax etc from seller as well as Expert Certificate issuer as well as from eBay and eBay shareholders(if stock goes up).

Lot of money is flowing through stamp collection with stamp expert certificate.


Any one can become PHILATELIC EXPERT as there is no education needed or college degree or certification exam.!!

Just tell everyone I am Philatelic Expert.!! ( I am Gandhi Philatelic Expert.!!)

To know more about this kind of activity read my following blog post and think what are the possibilities in cheating, glorification, SHILL bidding, FAKE, Forgery etc.

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5) 1948 Gandhi Stamps Early Usage cover :  Gandhi Stamps Are False hope of Riches - Part V?
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8) Indian Philately Exposed - Part II
9) Gandhi SERVICE overprint stamp price fell from $1009 to $1.!!
10) How can you tell that Gandhi SERVICE stamp is FAKE or Forgery ?

I hope all the above will help while making decision in investing stamps and to avoid getting CHEATED.!!

Now don't you think it does NOT make sense STAMP INVESTING!!

Gandhi Stamps Club.

Bidder list :-

Winner : s***i(1546) looks like "stampofindia" ( Not sure it's going to India so how it works as this stamp is 100+ years old.!! Can they sell it now as it was purchased from USA.)


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