RPS certificate - Royal Philatelic Society Certificate of Great Britain stamps

Recently I saw 1969 Great Britain Gandhi stamp printed on Gum side sold for $2225 on eBay  by seller from Great Britain "capital-collectables".

It also has stamp Expertization certificate from "The Royal Philatelic Society" or RPS certificate # 212225 issued on 30 May 2012 submitted by "M. Dave"

Lot of money for eBay/PayPal as they will get huge commission on this sale. (about $200).!! Do you really think eBay got commission on this sale.?

In past I wrote about STUDY OF RPS certificate were I discussed about FORGERY of expertizing certificates.

After reading above blog post what do you think about following RPS expertising certificate # 212225 issued on 30 May 2012.

Do you really think Gandhi Unmounted Mint Gummed side with RPS Certificate submitted by "M. Dave" and Capital-collectables is really worth $2225.?

So if there was one sheet printed on gum side there might be 120 stamps (per sheet) were printed on gum side and  some of them still has house to stay.

So one sheet will be worth around $267,000.!!


You need to see connection in this sale.

Seller : Capital-collectables (UK)
Expert Certificate submitted by : M. Dave
Buyer : d***1(302) (our famous hitlergandhi)

But if you see stamp hobby is declining and no one collect stamps. Recently this regular sheet was sold for $15 as well as for $28.!!


In past I wrote about used postcard with Great Britain Gandhi Stamps printed on gum side.

So what this will be worth ? (of course there is no RPS cert) as I  bought it without RPS certificate on eBay without it.

Of course there are forgery RPS certificate are also available. Like we saw for 1948 Gandhi SERVICE stamps or India Bird Error stamps so any thing is possible.

So what do you think about this pricing ? Did it really sold for $2225.!! 

Of course on eBay you can see it as sold but it's not always true, because chances of SHILL bidding, buyer don't pay to seller or seller cancel the transaction after completion in order to increase price so it's glorified.

So think what you buy at what price otherwise you will ?

Gandhi Stamps Club.

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