King George stamp - KGV stamps - KG stamps : Genuine or Forgery cancellations ?

I am surprised how easy is to glorify philatelic material and make money. Whether it's King George Stamps or Gandhi Stamps.

To glorify philatelic material such as special cancellation (I call it RUBBER stamp for art) you just need to do following

1) Publish HANDBOOK or Year Book with forgery or bogus cancellation
2) Exhibit in online(internet) stamp exhibition and present it as RARE

Now exhibit in stamp exhibition and you will win MEDAL because philatelic judges also looks in to HANDBOOK or other sources as they don't know what happened during past 50-100 years!!!

And if stamp exhibitor is well known in stamp collection circle no one will question whether it's Genuine or FORGED or Bogus, as no one wants to burn bridges.!!

So now start making more and send it to philatelic friends and they will also exhibit in their stamp exhibition.!!

And after that start selling and that philatelic friends will help you to increase price by bidding on it even though they don't need it.!!

So now every new collector or some existing collector will chase to buy it, without knowing the fact.!! We had seen this in 1948 Gandhi stamp with Post Office rubber stamp from Nepal Embassy of India.!!

Recently I saw Round Table Conference cancellation from Great Britain selling for $266 - $50.!!

So what do you think about this RUBBER stamp? 

Don't you think it's easy to make and apply on any stamp issued during that time such as King George stamp or King Edward stamps.

We had seen lot of rubber stamp on Piece of Paper.!! including Governor General, King George Inauguration, Mauritius stamps and lot more.!!

You have to decide whether this Genuine or Forgery or it ever exist (bogus).!!

In past I wrote about this King George stamp - KGV stamps - KG stamps : Genuine or Forgery cancellations of Round Table Conference. Click following link to read about it.

Read my following blog post about FAKE AND FORGED Gandhi stamps and philatelic cancellation and decide what are chances of FORGERY.

Also chances of getting caught is less because it's USED by applying rubber stamp, keeping in soil  or exposing to sun and make it toned.!!

How we know whether this genuine price or just inflated price as we see all the time.

It will be very hard to find out unless you work in eBay or you are the seller!!

$199 is good money for eBay Shareholders as they will get commission from this sell  and their stock price depends on this commission.

Also USA Federal Income tax and State government will get tax on this kind of sale also which will keep economy running for everyone.!!!

So now my question is do you think stamp collection is this much popular in 2014 and price is getting top dollars.?

I think so, but you have to make decision.

Click one of the following link to make your decision and you decide what you see is genuine or forgery.

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12) How to increase stamp collection value

Now does it make sense to collect stamps after looking above blog posts?

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