Used stamps value - Used stamps for sale

We all started stamp collection by collecting used stamps. But after a while we think what will be my Used stamps value or Used stamps for sale.

But there are more forgery in USED stamp than Mint stamp because in Mint stamp you can only make replica or copy as forgery where as in  USED stamp there are lot of ways to increase the value of stamps by creating UNIQUE rubber stamp and applying on piece of paper with Mint stamp.

And now it will be Used stamps for sale and that also for with  high Used stamps value.

In following example it looks like stamp is genuine but overprint on stamp (SERVICE) is forged and also rubber stamp apply on it is forged too.

If only stamp without overprint (SERVICE) was for sale there will be no buyer but here it was forged with overprint and applying rubber stamp of Governor General post office postmark after affix on piece on paper.

In this way it was created UNIQUE and RARE stamp for stamp collectors.

This kind of USED stamps or philatelic material are glorified by all of the following, so you will pay more for this USED stamp and it will be easier to sell used stamps.!!

1) Exhibiting in stamp exhibition by International stamp winning exhibitor.( no one knows it's genuine or forged as what happened  50-100 years ago)

2) Stamp catalog (they just value as per last year selling price, but don't know about all cheating)

3) Stamp and Philatelic Handbooks. (best way to market to sell their used stamps and also their friends who wants to sell their forged items.)

4) Online exhibition. ( best place to publish your material so collectors will look in to it.)

5) Online blogs, stamp forum, stamps boards etc.  (best place to spread the word, whether it's good intense of bad.)

6) Exhibit as solo philatelist for special occasion or give some kind of speech about used stamps and never mentioned what's going on in USED stamps because it will impact them also.!! (value of Mahatma Gandhi in today's world or Life journey of Gandhi by stamps or whatever.)

Stamp without SERVICE overprint was sold only for $2 with only 1 bidder.!!

In past I wrote following blog post about it so read it and understand what's going on Used stamps value - Used stamps for sale.







This stamp was sold for $62.!!

I am not sure who is buying this kind of material without detail description.!!  (that it's a Gandhi Overprint stamp with Governor General Cancellation (rubber stamp).!!

In past 4+ years I saw more than 100 of this kind of Used stamp for sale on piece of paper.!! Not sure eBay got commission for this kind of Used stamps sale.

But there are chances of 
1) SHILL Bidding 
2) Buyer don't pay to seller
3) FAKE Bidding to increase bid etc. 

So what you see on eBay selling price is not always correct information. It's all about glorification of stamps!!

In stamp collection there is 99% of all of the above 3 things are possible.

So what do you think about this Used stamps value - Used stamps for sale?

Need help to decide then click following link to read about Gandhi SERVICE stamp blog post and you will be amazed what kind of activity is going in USED stamps.!!


Gandhi Stamps Club.

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