India 1902 King Edward VII stamp - KEVII stamp

Recently I saw India KEVII 1902 25r - King Edward stamp 25 Rupees stamp sold for $2900 by eBay seller "mareval2".

Do you really think this India King Edward  VII stamp -  KEVII stamp is  Genuine ?

Do you really think India 1902 King Edward  VII stamp -  KEVII stamp was sold for $2900 and paid all eBay fees including paypal.?

Why I am questioning that this is genuine stamp, because there are multiple reasons for this.

1) 25 Rupees was too much money in 1902 so it will be very hard to find mint stamp or even used stamp.
2) In past 4 year I saw more than 20 stamp were sold. So not sure whether this many people were investing in stamps.!!
3) Forgery of high value stamp are available in plenty and following are some of them which you will not differentiate when you compare with originial because all high value stamps are forgery.!!

If I have to buy it I will avoid it, because it's nothing but a big SCAM.

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Also following are different ways to make money by selling stamps on Internet. (Of course is CHEATING!!)

1) Make money by selling SPECIMEN postcard 
2) Make money by making RUBBER stamp
3) Make money by selling TRIAL PROOF waste by stealing it or by art using Photoshop.
4) Make money by selling FORGERY stamps
5) Make money by selling FORGED special cancellation from different cities.
6) Make money by selling FORGERY stamps as GENUINE.
7) Make money by selling BOGUS - never exist special cancellation
8) Make money by selling LABELS - forgery or bogus
9) Make money by selling FAKE or BOGUS First Flight Cover FFC

Now what do you think about India King Edward VII KEVII stamp ?

Don't you think it has lot of similarities between stamp selling for $2900 and $3.!!

Do you think it's forgery ?

Do you think $2900 is fake sale? i.e buyer did not paid to seller and seller cancel this transaction so no payment to eBay?

Still not sure then compare following mint or used 1902 India King Edward VII stamps and think about it.

It's up to you to decide what's happening in stamp collection value and authenticity or genuine stamps because it's your money.

After reading all of the above blog post it's now up to you to decide about what will you get when you buy rare stamps of King Edwards VII or KG V stamps.!!

Gandhi Stamps Club.

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