Gandhi Centenary Great Britain stamp

Hello Gandhi Stamp Collectors,

In 1969 Great Britain honored Mahatma Gandhi by issuing his stamp to celebrate 100th Anniversary of his birth (1869 - 1969) along with other 20+ countries.

He was the first Asian person on Great Britain stamp.

Recently I saw Great Britain 1969 Mahatma Gandhi complete stamp sheet of 120 stamps selling under $16!!

Which means that single stamp is worth around 13 cents after 43+ years.!!

Also Gandhi Centenary F.D.C are also selling under $1 and it sells sometimes only if you are lucky.!! Even 20 different F.D.C from Great Britain from 1969-1981 including Mahatma Gandhi F.D.C was sold only for $3. (Yes, $3 for 20 F.D.C. !!)

So as a stamp collection hobby where are we heading.?  Is in tremendous decline mode or worst?

Looking to above pricing to me it looks like WORST specially in Gandhi stamps because

1) SHILL Bidding is more than ever or nothing sells without it.!!
2) 90% of expensive philatelic material is INFLATED by not paying it so seller.(might be there friends or same person). What ever you see on auction sites is not real or genuine transaction.!!
3) FAKE and FORGERY are available in plenty than Genuine stamps and philately material.!!
4) There are other hobby where new collectors enjoy more than collecting stamps.!!

Still cannot decide then read following blog post which might help you.

In past I had seen Ireland, Morocco, Malta  complete stamp sheet of Mahatma Gandhi selling at very low price.

Still want to do research  then please read my other blog post and have fun.!!

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  1. Can anybody tell, what i Mahatma Gandhi issued by USSR in 1969 stamp value now?



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