Mahatma Gandhi FDC : What are the possibilities in private F.D.C : Insufficient postage, Early Usage date , USA Zip Code early usage, ......

Hello Gandhi Philatelist,

Following F.D.C is private or personal First Day Cover with 1948 Gandhi stamps from India.

Very nice cachet  with India Map, Indian Flag, Mahatma Gandhi picture and his favorite goat. Also information on this cachet is also looks good with mentioning about his birth and death dates, "Father of Indian Nation", "Deliverer of Freedom" "Greatest Martyr of Asia", "An Apostle of Peace, Love and Non-Violence" and "World Mourns his loss".

But to me it looks like Gandhi Philatelist has a different goal when creating this private First Day cover with 1948 Gandhi stamps from India.

This is one more addition in Fake or Forgery or not valid in 1948 Gandhi private first day cover with stamps from India with insufficient postage with CDS of Bombay R.M.S.!!

Read my previous blog post about Gandhi and insufficient postage.

As it was mailed to Kenya it will require stamp between 3.5 annas - 12 annas depending on surface or sea mail or airmail, and this one only have 1.5 annas, so 2 annas postage is missing.!!

Not sure what will be value in philatelic collection?

But on eBay it was sold for $157.!!

To me it looks like supply and demand theory. When demand is high and you don't have enough Genuine or Authentic material available, you make one and display as authentic or Genuine.!!

As I mentioned in my previous blog post that it's all BOGUS in terms of authencity and pricing because first of all this are not official F.D.C (without cover issued by post and telegraph and official "Jai Hind" special cancellation), so only person who made it know what is this.!!  and you know how to glorified private Gandhi F.D.C.!! (by writing about it in blogs, website, exhibit, handbook etc) and then shill bidding is their friend.!!

Want to know more about 1948 Gandhi stamps please read my following blog post.

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It's a Zero Day Cover.!!

Above F.D.C was resold again for $316 by taking loss of $300 by the previous buyer.!!

Click to read my previous blog post about EARLY usage of 1948 Gandhi stamps from India.


So now what do you think about all this Private Cacheted First Day Cover with  Mahatma Gandhi stamps from India.?

Keep it private.!!

Gandhi Stamps Club.

BTW : - Don't forget that we also have Forgery in 1948 Gandhi private F.D.C with stamps from India.


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