Hungary Gandhi Centenary Stamps and F.D.C - Don't see pricing of Gandhi Philatelic material as Genuine

Hello Gandhi Philatelist,

This is my 100th blog in my new blog Gandhi Stamps Club from start of the 2012.!!!

But before you read my 100th blog post I will like to share one of the famous Gandhi quotes I read on google plus account  of Gandhi.

"In a Gentle way, You can shake the world"

Don't you think this is also possible in Philatelic world.!!

I think it's possible by bringing more awareness among collectors and try to prevent them in Stamps SCAM  such as

1) forgeries
2) shill bidding
3) replicas are selling as genuine
3) reusing of expert certification from BPA and RPSL etc.

Also we should not afraid to speak truth like  about cheating or any inappropriate transaction going on philatelic so collectors will be have more interest instead of loosing it.

Now it's coincidence that I also wrote about "sanu108" in my 100th blog in my old blog.!! in which I explained about seller selling Gandhi Stamps and Gandhi Philatelic material with 3 different eBay id.!!

Recently I was surprised when I saw Hungary 1969 Gandhi Centenary F.D.C selling for $16. I don't think new collector should pay this much for Gandhi stamps because this Hungary Magyar Posta Gandhi stamps are available in plenty.

According me this Hungary Gandhi stamps should not be more than 20-30 cents and Magyar Posta Gandhi F.D.C should not be more then $1.

After looking following price of $16 from "sanu108"  either new collector will buy it at that price thinking it's 1969 F.D.C or will buy it when they see it cheaper than $16. But they actually don't know what's the real price unless there is some legit way to find out.

To see what this Gandhi F.D.C sold in past click this link.

It's selling between $00.60 - $3. Yes for 60 cents only.!! (Thanks Delcampe for allowing this transaction.!!)

It's nothing wrong that seller is selling for $16.!! It's his/her choice how much he wants for his item.!!

But as buyer we need to make sure what's going in market.!!
1) from whom your are buying (type of seller).
2) buyer needs to think whether it makes sense to pay for this PIECE OF PAPER.
3) buyer needs to make sure that he is not seeing higher price what is sold in past because it is all BOGUS by shill bidding or by non paying buyer.

Don't think Gandhi Stamps and Philatelic material as Investment otherwise you will regret it.

Also price are going up because of following reason.

1) SHILL Bidding on Gandhi philatelic material is extreme.
2) FAKE and Forgery of Gandhi stamps and Philately material are available more than Genuine.
3) Highly INFLATED price because of Shill bidding.

This is not only in Gandhi thematic collection but I am seeing in all philatelic material selling on auction sites whether it's online or in-house.

So beware what you are buying, whom you are buying, why you are buying etc.!!

Gandhi Stamps Club

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