India Post Card - Gandhi Specimen Postcard

Hello Gandhi Philatelist,

Recently I saw Gandhi Specimen Post Card and too me it looks like a rubber stamp to just make money from you.

Following is Indian Post Card issued in 1969 and it has SPECIMEN printed or rubber stamped on it.

There is no way you can find out whether SPECIMEN is Genuine because there are almost none  and here we are seeing everywhere because we all want to make our collection unique than others and that's why we are seeing this kind of material.

Certain philatelic handbook, magazine, website, exhibit will display this postcard,  that does not means  it's collectible item, as they even don't know whether it's Genuine and everyone is in business to sell their product so why they care.!!

Don't follow or buy any magazine, website or books (even my blog too.!!)  as all wants to be part of glorification and no one cares whether it's genuine or fake.

Use you own instinct and imagination and think about all possibilities can happen and you will be safe.!! First of all you need to think Gandhi Philatelic is BOGUS and then you move up.!!

Want to do more research about India Postcard then please read my other blog post about "Gandhi 1969 Postcard : Why you will quit Gandhi Philately.!!"

Following is comparison between my previous blog post images and current blog post images and to me both are different.!! It's a way off.!!

They don't need different SPECIMEN rubber stamp !!

Now you decide which one is Genuine and which one is FAKE.? (one seller is from Germany and other is from India.)


Both are Forged.?


There might be multiple (3-4-5) Forgery Specimen post card like we see 1969 cancellation from Burma, Fiji, Luxembourg, Czechoslovakia etc !!

It's easy to make money on this kind of material because it does not cost too much and even if only one item is sold you will be in profit.!!

This 1969 India postcard original price is 10 paise (0.10 Rupee) and after this SPECIMEN printed, it's price is increased to 500000 paise (5000 Rupee), so think about profit of margin.!!!

Why just sell regular postcard.!!

So it's nothing but a SCAM or Philatelic Game you have to play it not collect it.!!

Recently on eBay seller "acp-india" was selling following postcard with description of - India Inde Indien Indische - Gandhi Gandhi Ghandhi Ghandi SPECIMEN Postcard Post card which was selling for $99.!!!

There are lot of other India Post Cards available with different type of SPECIMEN with different type of ink.!!

So my fellow collectors stay away from this kind of material and don't worry about making it unique or rare item collection, other wise it will be completely unique.

Gandhi Stamps Club.

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