WWF Animal stamps - ovp stamps - Burundi stamps

Burundi is one of the smallest countries in Africa and as per United Nations Burundi's GDP is 193 in the world.!!

It's GDP is $251.

But if you see 1983 (1984) WWF logo ovp stamps are selling for more than $350 on eBay by seller "segell"  , "matthijs_philatelie"  and "wwf_stamps".

This stamps were issued between 2 civil wars 1972 and 1990 in Burundi. Also there is civil war going on as I write this blog post but stamps are selling like money grows on tree.!!

Do you think these WWF animal stamps were needed for Burundi ?

My personal opinion is that this are BOGUS stamp without any value. Just made for collectors.!!

Actual people of Burundi might not even seen this stamps.

In past I wrote blog post about "hOW TO INCREASE PRICE OF YOUR STAMPS ON eBAY". Click and read about  it so you get idea why this stamps are $350+!!

After reading above blog post, do you think one of the method is applied to this auction ?

Just piece of paper selling for more than GDP of one of poorest country in world.!!

Do you think anyone in Burundi cares about this WWF stamps ?

Don't you think this are MADE for collectors instead of actual use.!! 

Do this poor country need this many stamps ?

Can they afford to print this many stamps and store it  and distribute to all post office and sell it ?

Do you think this is REAL price ?

What I mean is that you can bid any price and don't have to pay in order to increase price to glorify this stamps.!!

Do you think eBay got commission from this transactions ?

If all 3 transaction are REAL and seller paid commission eBay will get $105 from this transaction and eBay shareholders are benefiting from this kind of  auction ?

Also what I think is that all this pricing is bogus as chances of eBay getting commission is very low or none because buyer might be shill bidder and did not paid to seller, so seller will open case and will not have to pay commission.!!

There are 28 bids, 30 bids and 1 bid on these transactions.

Do you think there is so much interest in this stamps ?


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