Stamp Collection Cheating - How to increase price on eBay

We know stamp collection was king of hobby but internet age is nothing but cheating.

Stamp collection in internet age is nothing but to increase price or selling FAKE philatelic material or Forgery stamps.

Even selling BOGUS (never exist) philatelic material is most common in this internet age.

It was happening during no internet age also through auction houses but it was limited to some audience but because of internet it's wide audience worldwide.

Let's see what happen to following Gandhi FDC to Praha (Prague) Czechoslovakia from seller "goldmauritius" from Slovakia.!!

On May 29th it was sold for $1775 with 7 bids and 4 bidders.

But on July 6th it was sold in auction again  for $1199 with 2 bids and 1 bidder.!! ($575 less).

Do you really think this was a genuine transaction ?

Forget about genuine philatelic material, I am just trying to make you think that this what's going in stamp collection hobby in this internet age.

In order to glorify philatelic material collectors will increase price and will not pay.!!

If you see 4 bidders increased price.

Not sure whether it's SHILL bidding (by seller's other id or friends/releatives are helping or fellow collectors are increasing price).

Do you really think it was sold for $1199.!!?

Do you really think eBay got commission from this transaction ?

If you don't pay attention and think that eBay is making money on this kind of transaction then you are fooled and might get a BIG loss in your stock investment.!!

But also look at following blog and think whether this genuine postmark or rubber stamp ?


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