How to INCREASE price of your stamps on eBay - Stamp Collection is nothing but CHEATING

Days of stamps collection are now history.

Currently stamp collection is nothing but CHEATING.!!

CHEATING is done by buyer or seller or dealer in order to increase price and glorify stamp collection that it has still value left in stamp collection.!!

But in reality stamp collection is dying in this high tech world.!!

CHEATING is done by

  • SHILL bidding
  • FORGERY are selling as genuine.
  • BOGUS (never exist) philatelic material as glorified in stamp Handbook, Philatelic magazine, blogs, website, stamp forum, stamp boards etc.
  • AUCTION house are also involved with Finacial analyst to bring new buyers.

It's easy to increase price in auction whether it's online or live auction.

It does not take any money to open an account or to bid on any auction without having a single dime in your pocket.!! Also you can open as many account you want and bid with it.!!

So it's easy to increase price by not paying to seller if you win.!!

Recently I saw eBay buyer "lateststamps29" from India did not paid $94 to seller after winning auction of 1948 Gandhi stamps of India.

Seller has to go through all the difficulties and have to relist again and was sold for $70.!! Lose in value to seller as well as eBay shareholder by not getting commission on $24 and also wasting eBay infrastructure.(Disclaimer : I am a eBay shareholder).

Not sure whether seller got $70 also or not.!!

Now look at the following and you will understand what eBay buyer is doing and will know how to INCREASE price of your stamps on eBay and also you will know it's nothing but CHEATING.
  • Bidding on 316 items.!!
  • # of bids are 407.
  • Gave lot of negative feedback to seller.!!

So now what do you think ?

Can you increase price on eBay ?

Do you think  stamp collection is nothing but CHEATING ?


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