Cameroun Apôtres de la Paix 1er jour à - Apostle of Peace stamps

Stamp Collection value is going down because there are not enough new collectors are coming specially in Gandhi stamp collection. 

I bought Cameroun Apôtres de la Paix 1er jour à - Apostle of Peace FDC for more than $150 in which I was cheated by some famous Gandhi Stamp collectors. 

Do you think famous Gandhi STAMPS collectors are involved in CHEATING ?

I think so because they are the one who exhibit their collection with all kinds of forgery or BOGUS philatelic material without proper research!!

Also Gandhi Philatelist (stamp collectors) will win medal with BOGUS Gandhi philatelic materials, so not only Gandhi Philatelist are CHEATERS, but also the philatelic judges don't know what they are doing.!!

Read following blog post and understand properly so it don't happen to you.!

But on top of that if any new collectors (hardly) are coming than they know all trade secret from my blog posts (more than 600) about How to CHEAT or How to know who are CHEATERS who are trying to get your money by
  • Shill Bidding (read following blog post or above blog post)
  • Increasing price and not paying to seller. (read following blog post)

Following two Cameroun Apôtres de la Paix 1er jour à - Apostle of Peace stamps of  Cameroun on 1968  FDC  were sold for $28 to "Gandhistampcollector"  & "blackbrowncherry"

Cameroun Apôtres de la Paix 1er jour à - Apostle of Peace sold for $28 to "brownblackcherry"

Cameroun Apôtres de la Paix 1er jour à - Apostle of Peace

But in past it were sold for high prices.

Cameroun Apôtres de la Paix 1er jour à - Apostle of Peace stamp FDC.

Cameroun Apôtres de la Paix 1er jour à - Apostle of Peace stamps FDC.

Want to know more about the PRICING of Cameroun Apôtres de la Paix 1er jour à - Apostle of Peace FDC then click following link to read about it.

Cameroun Gandhi Stamps First Day Cover : It's looks like a BUBBLE in Cameroun Gandhi Stamps!!

So what do you think about Cameroun Apôtres de la Paix 1er jour à - Apostle of Peace Gandhi stamps pricing ?

Does it make sense to collect it ?

In past when I was searching on eBay India online auction website for my research "How to cheat new collectors", "How to glorify stamps"  and I was surprised when I saw price of Gandhiji stamps.!!

I was surprised because it's one of the method which is used to CHEAT new collectors.!!

It's a combine effort to justify stamp as investment by

1) Stamp collectors will exhibit Forged and Bogus philatelic material which they will make philatelic judges to consider as RARE stamps. ( in stamp show as well as online)

2) They will medal with BOGUS (never exist) philatelic material, because it's RARE stamps as per philatelic judges (who are also collectors.!!)

3) Philatelic handbook, website, blogs, stamp forum,  stamp newsletter, stamp boards etc will help to glorify it, by praising it.

4) Now same stamp collectors and their friends will sell philatelic material, with forged expertise certificate.!!

5) But now they will increase price (unbelievable high) by SHILL bidding by themselves opening new id or help of relatives (son/daughter living/studying abroad in Australia or New Zealand or USA) or philatelic friend who will help them to collect money, ship stamps etc.

6) Write FAKE feedback on online auction about seller and buyer.!!, even though they don't pay commission to eBay or Paypal (Great loss to  eBay shareholders.!!)

7) Investment advisior or Financial analyst will brag about stamps selling price and it's appreciation and advice client as alternate investment to wealthy Indian and Chinese.!!

8) Even local real auction house also gets involved in this, because  they only do this for living.!!

9) New collector is trap.!!!!!!!!! Everyone makes MONEY on you and have a good living.!!

10) Now some sellers will contact new collectors and try to give advice  to buy some forged philatelic material and also try to sell there stuff in private.!!

So BEWARE before you jump into.!!

It's easy to make forgery stamps, forgery rubber stamps and applied on any old cover or letter etc, and no one will notice that's it's forgery.

And if you notice it will be hard for you to complain, because no government cares about this forgery.!!

This is not only in Gandhi stamps but it's happening for any expensive philatelic material which are rare, but mostly in British India Philatelic.

1) First Aerial Mail from Allahabad
2) King Edward KD stamps of India
3) 1854 Queen Victoria QV stamps
4) King George KG stamps

If you see following screenshot than this are the 3 most expensive stamps of Gandhiji, listed on eBay India, but actually it's nothing but overpriced item by eBay seller which is to so the world that this are indeed genuine price.!!

Click link to see REAL time  : http://www.ebay.in/sch/Stamps-/169977/i.html?_from=R40&_nkw=gandhiji&_pppn=r1&scp=ce0&_rdc=1

So what do you think about this pricing ?

I think Cameroun Gandhiji FDC should not be more than 3000 Rupees.!!, but it is listed for 30,000 Rupees which is ten times the price.

Click following link to learn more about Cameroun Gandhi FDC and how they increase price and cheat new collectors.




But more surprising is following item.

If you don't know about pricing of Gandhi stamps and read in some investment website about stamp collection as investment and it's appreciation than you will buy it at very high price and after that there is nothing but regret of cheating.

But by listing at very high price, it's one way to make new collector think that this are real expensive and new collector will buy it when they get it at 1/3 price.!!

But still it's a rip off pricing because it's actual price is 1/10th.!! So in this way new collector will be cheated.!!

But I think they will not get cheated after reading my blog posts about Gandhiji stamps.!!

And of course cheaters will regret my blog.!!

Want to know more cheating then read my other blog posts and you will be not get cheated in your lifetime, not only in stamps and philatelic collection, but anywhere in the world.!!


Gandhi Stamps Club.

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