India Used Stamps

Recently I saw India used stamp (set of 4) sold for $158.!!

I cannot believe this pricing of this India Used Stamps  because mint stamps are selling at lower price than this stamps of  India.

But on top of that FORGERY of stamps of India  are available in plenty in India Used Stamps so do you think stamp value is genuine.!

So don't you think it's possible that forgery stamp with forged G.P.O rubber stamp on this India Used Stamps ?

We had seen lot of forgery rubber stamp on Gandhi stamps from 1948 to 2009 on various philatelic material so don't you think chances are very high  on this kind of stamp.?

Also do you think eBay got commission from eBay seller since 1999  "maikinpdx" on this stamp transaction and eBay shareholders (Disclaimer : I am eBay shareholder) like me are also benefit from this transaction as eBay will get $20-25 without giving anything.!!

Now let's dissect this transaction.

  • There were 11 bidders
  • There were 43 bids.
  • Won by buyer a***0 (7)with only 7 feedback.!
  • Buyer a***0 is bidding has 106 bid in last 30 days and 20% are with seller.!!

But interesting thing I found out that one of the bidder on this item has 207 BID RETRACTION in 6 months.!!!

Do you think this is genuine transaction ? or just increasing the price ?

If win than RETRACT the bid.!!

Now if you see following screenshot were this same set were sold for 1/2 the  price but it's MINT stamps not used..!!

Also there we multiple bidders and more than 10+ bids.!!

So which is more valuable.!!

Mint or Used ?

Do you think all this selling value is REAL ?

I mean Genuine value ?

Forget stamp as Genuine, I am talking about all this bids and bidder ?

It's you have to decide.

I just gave something to think.!!


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