Cameroun Moon Landing overprint stamps on Martin Luther king and Kennedy stamps - STAMP COLLECTION IS ALL ABOUT MAKING MONEY.!!

In past I wrote about ERROR stamps, which are not actual error but purposely made for ERROR.!!

One of the famous error stamp is from Cameroun which was overprinted to make it error by overprinting about MOON LANDING on Gandhi, M.L.King, (M.L.K) and Kennedy stamp issued in 1968 and overprinting in 1969.!!

Even though it's is consider error stamp we can see this stamp widely used for postage.

My opinion about this Error stamp is nothing but overprinted to increase value.!!

How can someone are so dumb/foolish who will overprint on this stamps. It cannot be consider as ERROR stamp (but biggest SCAM).

Just buy some sheet and overprint it and start sending postal cover by making forged rubber stamp like we see it in Gandhi SERVICE stamp.!!

It's all about making MONEY and nothing about stamp collection.!!

This cover were send to brothers who were stamp dealers J.H.Stolow  (Julius & Henry) r as well as stamp Expertiser who issue certificate.

J.H. Stolow also was involved with bogus stamp issues for the The Republic of South Maluku.!!

Recently I saw two used cover with Gandhi stamps, Kennedy stamps, M.L.King stamps with overprint Moon Landing on it sold for $135 from eBay seller "gdstamps".

But if you compare this auction with previous auction the price has gone down.( From 456, $300 to $135).

Also # of bidders has also gone done (just one)

Also starting price came up instead of starting at minimum price of 99 cents.!! (so they don't have to do SHILL bidding in order to increase price.!!)

Do you think eBay shareholder's are getting benefit from this kind of transaction where they will get about $27 (10% of $270) from commission ?

It is also mentioned in Gandhi Handbook as Optd. stamps on Regd Commerical Cover.

We know we cannot trust Gandhi Handbook as there is lot of false and misguided information in it.

Look at above image and see how many types of ERRORS were made.!! (Thick, Thin, Inverted..................)

In past I wrote about this cover

Why Cameroun Commerically Used Covers is costly? -Gandhi stamps overprinting.

Cameroun Gandhi Stamps First Day Cover : It's looks like a BUBBLE in Cameroun Gandhi Stamps!!

Following cover was sold for $250+ (US dollars) with John Kennedy and Robert Kennedy stamps with Gandhi stamps (one in front and other in  back).

I am not sure why they did this overprinting instead of making a new stamp?

Following cover was sold for $450+ (US dollars) with Martin Luther King(one in front and other in  back)  stamps with Gandhi stamps in front.

Did you notice from above images that this covers has RUBBER stamp from different cities.? Yaounde, Douala,

So now question is

Do you think one bidder really bought this  covers  even though I wrote about this?

Don't you think people search web in order to get it kind of used cover ?

You can compare RUBBER stamps on this cover and decide what's going on with stamp collection ?

It's all about making money.!!

Someone will make money by writing.

Someone will make money by overprinting stamps

Someone will make money by creating bogus covers.


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