1902 EdVII ten shillings stamps of GB - 1902 India KEVII 25 Rupees Stamps - Genuine or Forgery stamps ?

We all know 25 rupees was lot of money in 1902 (113 years ago).

But we all see too many mint 1902 India KEVII 25 Rupees stamp selling on eBay for $700+.

Does it make sense  to you that someone will keep 25 Rupees stamp in mint condition in 1902 ? (Except you are King or Queen of England or from Royal family)

Do you think King George stamps is  FORGERY stamps selling as Genuine ?

There are lot of forgery stamps available on eBay so you can buy one and sell  it as genuine and increase price by SHILL bidding and make it look like genuine ?

Also we see lot of 1902 EdVII ten shillings stamps of GB selling one eBay for very high price.

Recently I saw 1902 India KEVII 25 Rupees Stamp sold on eBay from Santa Clara, California by "mystampzone" for $787.

There were 7 bidders bidding for this stamps and 31 bids on it.

Also it's private listing bidders identities protected.!!! (WHY)

Do you think eBay shareholder will benefit from this transaction ?

eBay (shareholder) will get $78 on this transaction.!! (10% of selling price).

Also do you think California State will also benefit from sales tax and yearly income tax from this sale ?

So what are chances of getting forgery stamps like below even paying $700+?


GB 1902 EdVII 10 Shilling stamps selling for $1700, $1260, $1208, $1037 from eBay seller from UK "collectstamps" and "tenshillings"

Look at # of bids.!!

28 bids , buy it now, 37 bids and 13 bids.!!

$5000 for four 1902 EdVII stamps of GB.!!

It's killing profit for eBay.!! ($500 from this four transaction only).

Also do you think UK government is getting 19% VAT on this transactions as all prices in UK are VAT inclusive and seller has to pay to government treasury.!!

If you are investing in stocks (shares) then you might think it will be good to buy eBay stock, because without giving anything you are getting this much money.!!

Do you think eBay is getting this kind of commission ?

Or eBay is not getting anything as seller might open case of non paying buyer ?

Now do you think following are FORGERY stamp selling as genuine ?

Following is FORGERY stamp - Replica stamp of GB 1902 EdVII ten shilling stamp.

You will not find any difference.!!!

Do you think following is Genuine stamp if seller don't mention about this. I don't think so.!!

Above block of 4 is a facismile/copy/counterfeit stamp.!!!

Because of recent modern technology in printing which is capable of printing money if printer manufacture are not restricted by government. If printers are capable of printing latest US dollar bill with all this watermark/threads/multicolor/magentic ink then to print 1948 stamp is peace of cake for this kind of printers.!!

So keep in mind what latest printers can do (along with rubber stamps) when you buy following items Mint or even USED on FDC or postally used.

1) 10 Rupees 1948 Gandhi stamps
2) 1 1/2, 3 1/2  and 12 Annas 1948 Gandhi stamps
3) SERVICE overprint Gandhi 1948 stamps
4) Imperf Gandhi stamps from Niger, Gabon, Cameroun, and all others Gandhi imperf stamps. (it's easy as no cutting required.!!)
5) SKY is the LIMIT.!!


Above stamp is currently selling as facsimile(copy).

Following are some screenshot from delcampe where it is sold as facsimile(copy/forgery/fake)


Do you think all are GENUINE stamps ?


Do you think Replica is used to create used stamp with forged rubber stamp.?

It's your choice to think.!!

Gandhi Stamps Club.

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