Rajagopalachari - Governor-General of India - Most Famous Stamps of India - A Story written for a stamp !!

His name is also involved in one of the most famous stamp of India which is overprint "SERVICE" on 1948 Gandhi Memorial stamps.

But looking at his simple living principles it does not make sense that he was even aware of this famous stamp of India.

He will never approve such overprinting of stamp in very small quantity.!

But no one is thinking that "Does it make sense. ?" and they are just glorifying in recent newspaper, philatelic magazine etc. by new addition in it.

I read that someone bought this stamp for $205,000 .!!  

 Even used cover of Rajagopalachari  was available for auction with starting price of 50,000 euros.

And there are 1000's of overprint SERVICE stamp on piece of paper and some with BPA certification.!!

Every stamp has a story and some are genuine and some are fabricated. It's upto you to decide what is the real story.!

Let's analyze a STORY (not facts) about "Most Famous Stamps of India - 1948 Gandhi Memorial stamps"  and  read whether it make sense.

This story is mentioned every where in Gandhi Philately collection which includes Gandhi Stamp exhibit or Gandhi Philately online exhibit, Gandhi Handbook or stamp collection blogs or philatelic website etc.!!

I am not sure from where following  facts where obtain because some of the following don't make sense.
  • Governor General selling stamps for double the value for relief backward caste!! (Any record of this with government, how many stamps were sold and were money was used ?)
  • Conflicting date of  Gandhi SERVICE stamp brought in use. 15th August 1948 or 13th August 1949 by C. N.Chandra.
  • Depending on Jal Copper to knows quantity of overprint SERVICE stamps.
  • Only 100 stamps (10 Rupees) overprinted SERVICE. (2 sheets out of 250000).
  • Why  55 stamps out of 100 were given to philatelic museum of Delhi(One sheet of 50 overprint stamps and stripe of 5)
  • Why Four stamps(out of remaining 45) were send to Royal collection in England even after 200+ years of ruling India and fighting very hard for Independence.!!(and that also from Freedom fighter.!)
What a excellent fiction story.!! 

  • Don't you think Governor General has important things to do after Independence instead of collecting 3 annas, 7 annas , 25 annas and 20 rupees.!!(to double the face value)!!
  • No one knows when overprint SERVICE was done.!!  We have to believe to C.N. Chandra document  published in 1951 in philatelic journal and start believing SERVICE overprint in 1948.!!
  • Why do we have to believe Jal Copper for quantity of stamps with overprint SERVICE.
  • Why only 100 stamps overprint instead of 1000 or 2000 or 3000 !! (To make least printed stamp.!!)
  • Don't you think in order to make more authentic, genuine and rare it was given to philatelic museum in Delhi.!! 55 stamps out of 100.!! (just send them and they will display it.!,) (I hope they delhi musuem have proper documentation from Governor General, on OHMS letterhead.!!.).
  • To make more valuable and real send it to Royal Collection in England.! (Museum or collectors don't care if you send any thing.!!). 
Don't you think it's a story written for a stamp.!!

In my previous blog post I wrote about Gandhi SERVICE stamp is selling on eBay and other auction houses even though it was specially made for Rajagopalchari.!! How this is possible.


On top of that we are reading that this stamp was sold for world record price for modern issued stamp for $205000.!! so it will be hard to believe all the above information.!!  (click to see the google search query).

You can blindly follow other 1000+ search which are recent newspaper, philatelic magazine, stamp forums, stamp boards, blogs, philatelic website, stamp dealers, stamp auctioneer, etc 

But where you will find correct information about this stamp. I think it will be very hard for any one to find out  this information.

I just use my own BRAIN to think all of the above possibility and decide whether to spend $200000.!!

Following are some of the links where you can find more information about this Rajagopalachari - Governor-General of India - Most Famous Stamps of India.

You don't have to believe it but you can read it.

http://gandhistampsclub.blogspot.com/search/label/Gandhi%20Service (all my blog post related to Gandhi Service stamp).

Following are some screenshot from above link if you don't want to go through whole article and read it in short.

I am just giving my personal opinion about this. You don't have to believe it.

SERVICE stamp (overprint).

  • Jal Cooper is the only one who knows the quantity of SERVICE stamp.!
  • Actual usage date (overprint date)  of this SERVICE is authenticate by collector.!!

Click this link to read complete detail about this article : http://www.davidfeldman.com/wp-content/uploads/items_treated_pdf/2011/05/111W0164_117433_1304685762.pdf

Even in this article they are talking about story about Raja Gopalachari was selling stamps  instead of fact.!!

"However, another story that emerged was the then Governor General of India, came up with a novel idea to sell these official stamps at double the face value." To read more see above or click the link.)

Even this is edited in Wikipedia.!!

In past this stamp was listed on eBay for $225,000 with FORGERY Royal Philatelic Society Expert Certificate. (Sold by unknown comment, but we cannot believe on that kind of comments because of SHILL bidding or false information.)

His cover was for auction 50,000 Euros.!!

Do you think he was still thinking that he was servant of King/Queen by handwriting O.H.M.S even after fighting for freedom from them.!!

It's nothing but glorification by increasing value of this stamps and not paying it.!!

Recently I saw Gandhi Service Replica on ebay auction and I was surprised by seller truth about his stamps. Following is the screenshot of that were seller mentioned it's Replica(FAKE) stamp.!!

Not sure what is correct price for Replica stamp.!! but seller mentioned about this is very nice thing  instead of trying to cheat. 

But how can you find GENUINE or REAL stamp if seller don't mention about it and just try to sell it. Following two screenshot of recently sold Gandhi SERVICE stamp is taken from ebay. Seller has not mentioned about certification from British Philatelic Association (BPA) so it is very hard to trust whether this is REAL.

Do you really think ebay seller "afsj58" really got 907$ from this sale to "shafiqshah2810" and paid all ebay/paypal fees.!!

Also it is very very hard to find used stamp and specially on cover or piece of paper but you will see this frequently on eBay.

Now see following screenshot and you decide that this are really used Gandhi SERVICE stamps.

We all are believing this kind of story and blindly follow them without thinking that does it make sense ?

What do you think about this STORY ?

There are lot of stories like this for some other rare stamps so beware of it.

One of them is 1911 FIRST AERIAL MAIL POST from Allahabad.!!


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