Muscat 1956 Green 1 1/2a 1 1/2d stamp with B.P.A BPA Expert Certificate

Recently I saw Green 1 1/2d Queen Victoria revenue stamp overprint with 1 1/2 Annas. This stamp might be genuine as it has has B.P.A Expert certificate but certificate don't have any address or phone # or any government registration id.

So not sure it's authenticated/genuine or just printed on piece of paper.!!

Now this Green Queen Victoria revenue stamp overprint stamp with BPA Expert Certificate was sold for $1225 from Slovakia by eBay seller "rrstampshop" with feedback of 6 (only 6) .!!! So buyer believed this Expert Certificate.

After looking all kind of forgery overprint stamps or Bogus (never exist) overprint stamps as well as forgery EXPERT certificate it's very hard to believe now a days in stamps collection.

Also we know how easy is to make or provide stamp EXPERT certificate. If you don't know or want to know then click following link

So how we know whether Green Queen Victoria revenue stamp is genuine or forgery ?

So how we know whether Green Queen Victoria revenue stamp was indeed overprint stamps ?

Not sure who buys this stamps even though stamp collection is declining or almost obsolete.!

Click following link to read and you decide.

To me it is a common practice to increase price of stamp by shill bidding  and than make "Second Offer" or by re-listing from different id so collector will try to buy it at lower price thinking they got a good deal.!!

So BEWARE of this kind of activity in Stamps as well as all other stamps.

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